Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore School

Find out more about life in Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore School and its programmes.

Vision: A school that empowers students to be active learners in the community.

Mission: To equip our students with a holistic education to live meaningfully, learn continuously, work productively.

Values: Confidence, Respect, Resilience, Integrity

Motto: Everyone is special, everyone can learn, everyone can serve

General information
Area: Pasir Ris
Address: 65 Pasir Ris Drive 1, Singapore 519529
Telephone no.
6585 5640
Special needs catered for
Multiple disabilities
Age range
7 to 18 years old
Curriculum offered
School mode
Double session
Services offered
School bus transport
School fees
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Open house
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Admissions timeline
All applicants
Start of school
Ongoing, except June and December.

Application deadline
Transdisciplinary (Trans-D) Approach
The Trans-D approach is a family-centred approach to enhance holistic and comprehensive development in students by adopting a common view on the educational needs and a consensual commitment for integrated planning and  implementation.

A team of teachers and allied health professionals collaborate with parents and caregivers to create shared goals for the student. The Trans-D approach aims to maximise student development and integrate learning opportunities in their daily activities through:
  • Increasing collaboration between therapists and teachers.
  • Promoting the integration of services and programmes in school.
  • Building learning opportunities across different settings.
  • Supporting families by embedding learning in daily routine-based activities.
Learning Journeys Programme
The school provides the various National Education activities to develop national cohesion, cultivate the instinct for survival as a nation and instil in our students the confidence in our nation's future. One of the activities is the introduction of learning journeys to various places in Singapore. Learning Journeys aim to instil in our students a sense of pride in Singapore’s achievements, to help them understand Singapore’s constraints, challenges and opportunities, so as to build their confidence in our future, and nurture a sense of belonging to Singapore.
Satellite Partnership Programme
Satellite Partnership Programme provides joint activities between the students of Tampines Meridian Junior College (TMJC) and CPASS to achieve the following goals:
  1. To increase interaction and mutual understanding between TMJC and CPASS students.
  2. To nurture values of confidence, respect and resilience among CPASS students.
  3. To encourage TMJC students to serve the community and learn from these experiences.
Student Leadership Development Programme
Student Leadership Development Programme provides opportunities which encourage students to:
  1. Act in roles of responsibility with integrity and honesty.
  2. Work with other students, parents, volunteers and teachers.
  3. Build up confidence and resilience.
  4. Earn the respect of others through their actions.
Values in Action Programme
Values in Action (VIA) programme provides learning experiences that support students' development as socially responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to the community, through the learning and application of values, knowledge and skills. VIA fosters student ownership over how they contribute to the community. As part of VIA, students reflect on their experience, the school they have put into practice, and how they can continue to contribute meaningfully to the society.
Learning domains
High Support Programme
  • Communication, Cognition and Language
  • Daily Living
  • The Arts (Art and Music)
  • Physical Education (PE)
  • Social Emotional Learning
Functional Programme
  • Functional Language and Numeracy
  • Daily Living
  • The Arts (Art and Music)
  • Physical Education (PE)
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Vocational
High Support Programme
  • Communication, Cognition and Language
  • Daily Living
  • The Arts (Art and Music)
  • Physical Education (PE)
  • Social Emotional Learning
Functional Programme
  • Functional Language and Numeracy
  • Daily Living
  • The Arts (Art and Music)
  • Physical Education (PE)
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Vocational
Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)
Niche CCA
  • Boccia
  • Performing Arts
  • Scouts
  • Special Arts
  • Swimming
  • Track and Field
Regular CCA
  • Creative Craft Club
  • Drama Club
  • Multi-sensory Drama Club
  • Music and Movement Club
  • Photography Club
  • Sensory Stimulation Club
  • Waterplay Club
Juni Syafiqa Binte Jumat
Alumni (Graduated in 2013)

Juni Syafiqa Binte Jumat - Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore School
Ms Juni Syafiqa Binte Jumat, 25 years old, graduated from CPASS in 2013. Diagnosed with athetoid cerebral palsy, Syafiqa uses her motorized wheelchair as a mobility aid. Since her graduation, Syafiqa has been actively involved in the community in both sports and work. She is a Boccia athlete and attends weekly training sessions at CPAS. In terms of work, Syafiqa has been working as a food delivery person with Grab Food since 2018. Although she faces many challenges such as wheelchair inaccessible areas and crowded lifts in shopping malls, Syafiqa perseveres and tries to overcome the obstacles by putting the community mobility skills that she has gained during her schooling days to good use in her current work.

Syafiqa finds her job fulfilling as she sees it as a means to gain independence and she is grateful that she has the support from her family in her decision to work. She looks forward to seeing more people with cerebral palsy gain employment and hopes that there will be more wheelchair accessible facilities to aid her and other wheelchair users so that they can better integrate into the community.
Aloysius Gan Kai Hong
Functional Senior Programme

Aloysius Gan Kai Hong - Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore School
Student Aloysius Gan from Class Eagle 8A has severe physical disability and is often excluded from participating in classroom activities. He has to depend on a communications partner and physical assistance to perform his tasks. Despite such challenges, he has managed to excel in the classroom and sports.

In 2013, Aloysius started playing Boccia, a para-sport. Through immense family support and sheer determination, Aloysius has attained several medals in the sport, including a gold medal in the Get Active SG! Boccia Competition in 2018.

Aloysius began learning IT skills such as designing in a bid to secure future employment. As he cannot access his iPad directly, he has to learn how to use switches to perform his tasks. Using an accessibility feature called Switch Control, Aloysius is able to navigate the iPad to communicate with others and design creative posters using Keynote Application. His hard work resulted in his promotional flyer for MyNoNNa’s Café to be featured on their Facebook page.

With the correct tools and right attitude, Aloysius has proven that he can overcome his adversity and move towards success.

Janelle Han Xin En
Functional Junior Programme

Janelle Han Xin En - Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore School
Janelle Han Xin En joined Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore School in 2016 and is currently attending the Functional Junior 2 Programme.

Over recent years, Janelle has achieved the unachievable with the unwavering support of her family, teachers, and Allied Professionals in CPASS.

Today, Janelle is a confident and mature young individual. She has acquired the pre-readers stage of recognising letters of the alphabet and naming them. Janelle is strong in her basic phonics and is progressing to the next stage of blending sounds to read and write new words.

Janelle never shies away from communicating with others even when speech is a concern for her. She works hard to improve on her fluency and pronunciation through the guided reading practices in class, guided by her Speech & Language Pathologist. To date, she has shown a significant improvement in her sentence construction and speech clarity during conversations.

As a student with hemiplegia condition, many of the daily living skills continue to pose a challenge for Janelle. However, she has benefitted from both the Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy support. We were very proud to witness her progression in the recent Home-based Learning sessions whereby videos were sent by her father showcasing Janelle performing tasks such as wiping the dining area and operating the washing machine to do the family laundry. She was also able to follow instructions to prepare and cook green bean soup for her family.

When asked what her aspiration is, Janelle eagerly replied, “I want to be a teacher!'

Janelle will always be here to remind us, 'No dream is too big as long as we don't give up learning.'
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