National Council of Social Service

The National Council of Social Service (NCSS) is the coordinating body for over 450 social service agencies in Singapore. With the charter to improve the lives of the disadvantaged in Singapore, it aims to provide leadership and direction in social services, enhance the capabilities of social service agencies and strengthen strategic partnerships for an effective social service ecosystem.

NCSS welcomes like-minded individuals to join the Social Service Tribe to restore hope, dignity and confidence to the communities in need. Read more about our people at

Scholars passionate about the social service sector will enjoy working with multi-disciplinary teams in a dynamic environment. They will be given opportunities to hone their professional and leadership skills through training and developmental programmes, and regular engagement with sector leaders. They will undergo on-the-job trainings and have rotational stints across agencies to be exposed to the different work cultures and environment.

Potential career path

Upon graduation, scholars will be deployed to work at one of NCSS' 450 social service agencies, and they can expect to be rotated across agencies to experience working in different areas/domains during their tenure.

Scholars can also look forward to development support during their employment, to allow deepening of practice skills and leadership development, and through the postings, scholars can acquire breadth of sector knowledge and depth of practice experience.

Preferred courses of study

  • Business & Accountancy (Business, Business Analytics, Human Resource Management, Marketing)
  • Communications
  • Information & Communications Technology