RE&S Enterprises Pte Ltd

RE&S, founded in 1988 by Osaka Native Hiroshi Tatara, entered the Singapore market with its Takahashi and Fiesta restaurants. As they grew, the company developed new brands and concepts like Kuriya, Shimbashi Soba, Kuishin Bo and Ichiban Boshi that are today household names in Singapore. RE&S expanded its Japanese food production and distribution capabilities to support and drive growth. Today, RE&S has more than 70 restaurant outlets with more than 1500 employees in Singapore and Malaysia and a Procurement team based in Osaka, Japan to ensure the freshest ingredients.

RE&S is prepared to take leadership in the dynamic F&B scene in Singapore. They believe the success of their next stage is about integration of their people and culture into their business so that they can unlock the underlying synergies and values.

Potential career path and developmental opportunities for scholars

As per its growth strategy, scholars can look forward to the opportunities to drive new initiatives and champion projects that deliver business results and personal satisfaction. In this environment of volatility, to stay constant is to change for the better and this mindset is especially crucial to embark on a successful career with RE&S.

Scholars will be exposed to various roles through on-the-job training to ensure they acquire the relevant skills and experience to excel in their roles.

At the end of the program, outstanding scholars will be posted to take on a role best suited to their strength.

RE&S is committed to groom the best talents to drive their company to greater heights.

Preferred courses of study

All courses (excluding Engineering, Healthcare-related disciplines and Law)