Toppan Ecquaria Pte Ltd

Toppan Ecquaria is a digital transformation company of the multi-billion Toppan Group, with nett sales of 13.8 billion and 48 different office locations. Specialising in the government sector, the organisation has worked with governments around the world to improve the accessibility of government services.

In recent years, Toppan Ecquaria has been focusing its research and development efforts on Cloud Technology and Machine Learning (ML) with its own team of engineers. Integrating its government domain experience into Cloud Automation tools, it launched a line of software products under the Ecquaria Government Platform (EGP) Suite.

Since then, Toppan Ecquaria has helped government agencies transform to cloud-native solutions on both Private Cloud and Commercial Clouds (e.g. AWS, Azure and Google Cloud) with Microservices, Containers and DevSecOps.

Most recently, Toppan Ecquaria delivered the SingPass Face Verification service, an initiative under the GovTech National Digital Identity (NDI) programme. It allows government agencies and private sector organisations to verify the identity of a user with a brief face biometric scan. With this service, DBS has launched a new service to support online onboarding through its Internet Banking mobile application.

From licensing and inspection to digital authentication via facial recognition, Toppan Ecquaria continuously develops government-compliant solutions so that citizens and businesses can transact with governments conveniently and securely.

Toppan Ecquaria is a forward-looking and HR progressive company with a strong Singapore core and a passion for what they do. The company strives to nurture every individual to their full potential by providing and supporting continuous learning and development opportunities through their Company-Led Training initiative, Ignite. Staff will have the opportunity to acquire new skills and be kept abreast of the latest technology so as to provide innovative business solutions to governments, not only in Singapore but all over the world. Toppan Ecquaria look forward to nurturing the next generation of leaders through SgIS to bring the company to even greater heights.

Potential career path and developmental opportunities for scholars

Scholars can look forward to an exciting career where they will be cross-trained in a variety of roles like Software Engineers, System Analyst, AI and Technical Consultants etc with job rotation and be mentored by senior managers. They may also be earmarked for research and development of leading edge technology software or product and/or career advancement in leadership roles in technology or management path.

Preferred courses of study

Information & Communications Technology