Aztech Technologies Pte Ltd


With over 30 years’ of experience in the electronics industry, Aztech has a proven track record as a manufacturer of IoT, Data communication and LED products globally. Driven by 4 R&D centres, our services are second to none. With holistic manufacturing services, industrial design, mechanical engineering, software and hardware design, production, testing, design, material management and customer programme management, we support our clients with seamless, value-added service at every stage of your process from product transfer, component procurement, electronics PCB assembly, mechanical assembly, testing and finally shipping the products.

Future of Company

Moving forward, Aztech is well positioned to leverage on its R&D capabilities and strong manufacturing services, as well as its experienced management team, to support the sustainable growth of the company and strengthen its value proposition to customers.

The IoT industry is gaining momentum with increasing technological development, supported by growing demand for IoT and connected devices among consumer and industrial customers. The emergence of 5G technology is also expected to give a boost to this sector.

With more awareness of the need for energy-efficient lighting and the adoption of LEDs globally, the LED industry is forecast to grow in the near future. This industry will be further supported by the increasing development of smart cities which provides opportunities to lighting companies to expand their portfolio, especially within the smart lighting segment.

Aztech’s proven track record with strong design capabilities in both IoT and LED products and its years of experience in designing and manufacturing of data communication has positioned itself to understand the market trends, technological developments and evolving customer requirements. Hence, the Company is well positioned to achieve a good growth path in the coming years.

Potential career path and developmental opportunities for scholars

As a performance driven company, Aztech ensures all their employees are treated fairly and rewarded based on their performance.

Employees with exceptional performance will be put on a fast-track career programme where they will be given special training to take on bigger responsibilities.

Preferred courses of study

  • Business & Accountancy (Marketing)
  • Communications
  • Engineering
  • Information & Communications Technology