The air transport industry constantly evolves, as new trends and technologies shape an ever-changing landscape. Over the years, Singapore has built up the sector as a key enabler of the Singapore economy. We possess the world’s most awarded airport, an enviable air safety record, a respected centre for aviation training and a strong aviation industry. This includes airport and airline companies that are world-class leaders in their respective fields, internationally renowned maintenance, repair and operations (MROs) and related aviation ancillary service providers, all the result of a commitment to developing a world-class aviation system.

Growth Opportunities

The air transport industry carries billions of passengers and cargo tonnage around the world annually, for business, leisure or personal purposes. It is a key driver of international trade and exchange, and Singapore’s development as a global air hub connected to over 320 cities handling 54 million passengers annually helps attract high value-add investments and talent to our shores. Besides the most visible pilot and cabin crew roles, the air transport industry also includes a wide range of other professional roles including aviation law and economics, revenue management, fuel hedging, route planning, and in-flight product and services.

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) estimates that air traffic in the Asia-Pacific region will triple by 2030, which presents exciting opportunities for Singapore, with our carriers poised to receive over 150 new aircraft in the coming years. Besides additional infrastructure for Changi Airport with the development of a third runway and a mega Terminal 5, we are also expanding industrial land for more air cargo and aerospace companies.

Fun Facts

  • By late 2020s, Changi Airport will have 3 runways and 5 terminals, enabling it to handle up to 135 million passengers every year.
  • There are over 100 airlines flying to some 380 cities in about 80 countries and territories worldwide. This makes Singapore one of Asia’s most connected cities.
  • Did you know that Changi Airport is the world’s most awarded airport, having recently won its 500th ‘Best Airport’ award? This includes 30 years as Business Traveller UK’s Best Airport in the World and 8 years as Skytrax’s World’s Best Airport.

Video courtesy of Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore.

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