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Last Updated: 15 January 2024

Mid-Term (Overseas)

Singapore citizens who are currently pursuing their full-time undergraduate studies in an overseas university are eligible for the SgIS Mid-Term (Overseas) scholarship. Find out if you are eligible, the value and bond period of the scholarship, and the career opportunities.

Who is eligible

Singapore Citizens who have:

  • Completed at least 1 academic semester in an overseas university and are not in their final year of study.
  • Good co-curricular activities (CCA) records and leadership achievements.
  • Passion to contribute to Singapore’s strategic sectors.
  • Good undergraduate results.

Value of award and bond period

You will receive a grant. The bond period you must serve with your sponsoring organisation, depends on when you apply during your undergraduate studies. The academic years remaining is counted from the point of your application.

1 - 2 academic years remaining

  • SGD 40,000
  • Overseas exchange allowance
  • 2-year bond

More than 2 academic years remaining

  • SGD 60,000
  • Overseas exchange allowance
  • 3-year bond
  • John is enrolled in a 4-year course, and he applied in Year 2, Semester 2. He would have more than 2 academic years left at the point of application, hence he would receive the SGD 60,000 grant and must serve a 3-year bond.
  • Sally is enrolled in a 4-year course, and she applied in Year 3, Semester 2. She would have 1.5 academic years left at the point of application, hence she would receive the SGD 40,000 grant and must serve a 2-year bond.
  • The terms and coverage are the same across all sponsoring organisations.
  • SgIS scholars may seek approval from their sponsoring organisations to pursue a Master's degree. Approval is subjected to the needs of the sponsoring organisation, and bond period may increase proportionately should the sponsoring organisation provide sponsorship for it.
Find out how to apply.