Secondary 1 (S1): Receive school posting results

2. How your child is posted

The posting process is based on PSLE score according to the order of their school choices and vacancies at the selected schools. Students with higher PSLE scores will be considered first for vacancies in their chosen schools.

What if two students have the same score?

Singapore Citizens have priority in the case of a tied score. Between two students with the same citizenship, a tie is resolved by a computerised ballot with an equal chance for each student.

Does the order of school choice matter when there is a tie-break?

For the 2020 P6 cohort, the order in which a student lists their school choices does not give them priority in determining who gets a place.

For example, John and Mary are vying for the last place in School A. They:

  • Have the same aggregate score.
  • Are both Singapore Citizens.

John listed School A as his first choice and Mary listed it as her third. In this case, the posting will be determined by a computerised ballot with an equal chance for each student.

What if there are no vacancies at any of my child's chosen schools?

Students who cannot be placed in any of their chosen schools will be posted to the nearest available school based on their registered address. For this reason, we advise parents to keep their address updated with their child’s primary school by October.

Note: There will be changes to the S1 posting process from 2021 onwards. Learn more about it.