Direct School Admission (DSA-Sec): Explore school choices

3. Choose a school

When discussing DSA-Sec school options with your child, think about:

Programmes and activities

Shortlist schools that offer the programmes and activities your child is talented in.

Selection processes and schedules

Schools have different selection processes, criteria and schedules. Visit the schools' websites to learn more.


Students accepted through DSA-Sec still need to qualify for a course offered by that school. Choose schools that match your child’s academic performance.

School type

Choose a school type (for example, government, government-aided, independent, specialised independent school, etc.) that suits your child’s goals. If your child is a Singapore citizen, financial assistance and scholarships are available to help them attend the school of their choice.

Location and transportation

Think about transportation options for how your child will get to school.

Special needs

If your child has special needs, for example, hearing loss, visual impairment, physical disability or mild special educational needs, choose a school with specialised facilities or resources that can support them. Learn more on special educational support in schools.

Schools that only participate in DSA-Sec

The following specialised independent schools accept students through the DSA-Sec process:

For School of the Arts, you should apply directly to the school. Their online application is from 12pm on 8 April 2022 to 5pm (SGT) on 17 May 2022. Refer to the school's website for more information.

School that only conducts school-based admission

The following specialised independent school only accepts students through its own admission process:

Refer to the school's website for information on its application process and timeline.

List of DSA-Sec schools and programmes

Explore the list of schools and programmes for Direct School Admission.


Once you have shortlisted schools and programmes that your child is interested in, you should:

  1. Visit the schools' websites to learn about their selection processes, schedules and requirements.
  2. Take note of any potential interview, audition or trial dates.
When applying to multiple schools, bear in mind that each school may have trials, interviews or auditions that will take up your child's time.