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Last Updated: 11 January 2024

School bus services

Learn about the school bus services provided and payment schedule for bus fares.

Information for parents

Parents may access the school’s website to find out the school bus services provider and bus fares for your child.

To help parents to arrange transport for their children, schools appoint bus operators through an open and competitive bidding process based on quality and bus fares for various route distances.

The school bus fares proposed by the bus operators consider specific operating conditions, such as route distance, capacity of buses and the number of students along the route. Charges for small buses are generally higher as students enjoy more benefits such as mandatory installation of seat belts, one-to-one seating, easier access to pick up points and shorter journey time. Also, the number of students a small bus can take is much fewer than that of a big bus. As such, while schools follow the same tendering process, there are many factors that determine the prices quoted by the bus operator, which will lead to varying bus fares charged to different schools.

Information for bus operators

While the posting of the bus advertisements will be done at respective schools’ websites, MOE HQ provides a common website i.e. the School Bus Advertisements for the full listing of the schools that are inviting bids. Bus operators can click the link of the schools to view and participate in bids on a competitive basis, based on their understanding of individual schools’ requirements and needs. Schools will evaluate the proposals and award contracts to the bus operators who can best meet the evaluation criteria and the schools’ needs. Schools are under no obligation to accept the lowest or any proposal.