Last Updated: 19 January 2023

Admissions to post-secondary education institutions for Returning Singaporeans

Learn about admissions to post-secondary schools or institutions for Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents returning from overseas, and how to get a school place.

Primary Secondary Post-secondary

SCs and PRs returning from overseas may wish to pursue their post-secondary education in institutions such as junior colleges (JC), Millennia Institute, polytechnics, Institute of Technical Education (ITE) or privately funded schools.

If you wish to apply to junior colleges or Millennia Institute

If you are currently on Leave of Absence (LOA), you can rejoin your registered JC/MI upon your return to Singapore.

If you missed DSA-JC and SPERS-JC/MI, you may approach your preferred JC or MI directly for the school's consideration.

You’ll need to do this from November to January of the new academic year. Academic year for JC/MI typically starts in February. Compulsory subjects such as Project Work, has grading that takes place throughout the academic year. Admission is subject to the availability of vacancies and whether you meet the schools’ admission criteria.

If you wish to apply to polytechnics, ITE or privately funded schools

Visit their respective website for details on the application dates and processes: