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Last Updated: 12 May 2022

Assured School Placement

We will guarantee your child a place in a school with vacancies as near to your residential address as possible, providing you with greater certainty and convenience. Learn more about the application process.

We encourage Returning Singaporeans who are looking for a primary or secondary school place near their residence to apply for the Assured School Placement service.

How to apply

You can follow these steps to apply for a school place:

  • Inform us using the Application Form for School Placement for Returning Singaporeans within 3 months of the intended date of school admission.
  • We will identify two or three schools that have vacancies for you to choose from, based on the residential address indicated in your application form. In the event that there is only one school with vacancies near your child’s residence, we will facilitate your child to that school. This will take approximately 3 working days.
  • Once a school place is confirmed, it will be guaranteed and reserved for your child. 
  • Contact the school to arrange for any pre-admission procedures closer to your return date. The school may conduct school-based tests and interview to determine the level and class or course for your child before they start school. You may wish to return to Singapore by the first quarter of the year for your child to start school early in the academic year with the rest of their peers. 

If a permanent Singapore address is not available at the point of this application, you will have to provide an intended residential area in Singapore for us to process your request.

Schools will generally not admit students in the final term of the academic year (October to November), as this will not be educationally beneficial to your child. Hence, if the intended date of admission is after mid-September, we will process your application and inform you by end-December for admission in the following year. In some cases, where processing may be slightly delayed, we remain committed to provide a school place for every Singaporean child by mid-January.