Last Updated: 07 February 2022


Find the forms you may need for finance-related matters.


  • MOE-funded schools
    Submit the online Edusave Standing Order Form to apply to use Edusave funds for approved fees and programmes.
  • Independent schools, special education schools and non-MOE-funded schools
    Check with the school directly.
Learn more about the Edusave Account and usage of funds.  

Financial assistance

Find out if you are eligible for financial assistance.


Set up a GIRO arrangement for the payment of school fees:
  • DBS or POSB
    Either through the respective online banking portals or submit an online form.
  • OCBC
    Through its online banking portal.
  • Other banks
    Submit the GIRO application form (362KB) to your child’s school.

Terminate your existing GIRO arrangement:

    Through the respective online banking portals.
  • Other banks
    Submit the GIRO termination form (35.2KB) to your child’s school. 

Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA)

Learn about the Post-Secondary Education Account and usage of funds.