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Last Updated: 18 October 2021

Enrol in a private school

Private school operators conduct their own admission and enrolment exercises. Learn about how these exercises take place and how to apply.

Private schools normally make announcements in the media or through brochures on courses they offer and the enrolment dates. 

You should make enquiries directly with the school and ensure that:

  • The school is registered with us.
  • The school has permission to offer the course.
  • The teachers are allowed to teach the course.
  • You are agreeable with the regulations, terms and conditions stated by the school.

You can also request to view the MOE-issued registration certificate and the letters of permission for the courses and teachers.

Browse list of registered private schools

Note: Registration with us does not mean we endorse or provide accreditation of the quality of the private school. It only gives private schools the right to operate when they have met the basic requirements. Before enrolling, you should:

  • Research on the company's background and quality of their courses.
  • Read and understand your contract with the private school.

Refund of deposits and school fees are governed by the school's policy and your contract with them. If there are any disputes, you are encouraged to work directly with the school to seek an amicable resolution. If you are unable to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution, you may seek resolution through other means, such as approaching CASE or the Small Claims Tribunal.

If you wish to register for the Singapore-Cambridge GCE examinations

If you wish to register as a candidate for the N-Level, O-Level or A-Level examinations, you may seek more information with the Singapore Examinations & Assessment Board. Or, you can also contact our Customer Service Centre.