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Last Updated: 18 October 2021

Add or re-register management committee members

You must submit an amendment to your existing school registration licence to add or re-register members to your school’s Committee of Management. Learn about the registration process and documents required.


You will need to amend your existing licence if you wish to register new members of the Committee of Management, or re-register members whose term of office has expired.

Only an existing member of your school’s Committee of Management is allowed to make the application.

NoteMembers should not be teachers or staff to be employed by the proposed school unless they are also owners of the school. This is to prevent any conflicts of interest.

How to register

You will need to register online via GoBusiness Licensing.

Follow these steps when registering:

  1. Select “amend existing licence” under the “licence application” menu.
  2. Choose “Ministry of Education” as the government agency.
You do not need to submit any documents online. Submit them via courier or postal mail after completing the online registration.

For technical assistance in GoBusiness Licensing, you can contact their helpdesk through:

Email: licences-helpdesk@crimsonlogic.com.sg
Tel: +65 6774 1430
Operation hours:
  • From 8am to 8pm on Mondays to Fridays
  • From 8am to 2pm on Saturdays

Documents required

  1. Latest BizFILE printout from the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).
  2. Original hand-signed hardcopy of one of the following (depending on the type of entity):
    • Appointment note for sole-proprietorship, partnership and limited liabilities partnership.
    • Directors’ Resolution for company.
    • Minutes of Meeting (if applicable).
  3. Original hand-signed hardcopy Form CM (Registration as a member of Committee of Management). Use 1 form for each member. 
  4. For each member of the Committee of Management, provide the photocopy (front and back) of:
    • NRIC for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents.
    • Passport for other nationalities.
  5. Return of original Certificate of Registration of outgoing members.
  6. Letter from the supervisor indicating if there is any change to the registered courses with MOE.

The documents will be processed within 14 days upon our acceptance of the documents. Incomplete or incorrect submissions will delay the processing time.

How to submit your documents

Mail the documents to:

Private Schools Section

MOE HQ, Level 9

1 North Buona Vista Drive

Singapore 138675

Indicate the name of your school, online application ID, date and specify “Addition or re-registration of Committee of Management”.

After you submit your documents

If your documents are satisfactory, you will be notified of the approval through email or SMS. Or, you can check through GoBusiness Licensing.

You should pay the registration fee to GoBusiness Licensing within 60 days upon licence approval. If no payment is received after 60 days, your application will be considered withdrawn and you will have to apply again.

You will receive the Certificate of Registration of Supervisor or Manager after all registration and administrative procedures have been successfully completed.