Last Updated: 15 November 2022

2022 Open House

The MK Virtual Open House was held on 29 January 2022. Learn more about what was covered!


The MOE Kindergarten (MK) Virtual Open House was conducted on 29 January 2022.

If you have missed out on the event, you may view the MK Open House Overview slides [2.7MB] to find out more about the MK curriculum and programme.

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The following 7 new MKs will open in 2023:

  • MK@Alexandra*
  • MK@Bendemeer*
  • MK@Fengshan*
  • MK@Princess Elizabeth*
  • MK@Shuqun*
  • MK@Temasek
  • MK@Yishun*

*MKs partnering Early Years Centres (EYCs).

For more information on MK, you can visit the MK website or the Frequently Asked Questions.