Last Updated: 17 December 2021

2022 MK Virtual Open House

Find out more about the MKs near you and hear from the MK Centre Heads about MK’s curriculum, programme and facilities. Sign up for the 2022 MK Virtual Open House!



The 2022 MOE Kindergarten (MK) Open House will be conducted online via Zoom on Saturday, 29 January 2022.

The event consists of the following segments:

  • Presentation by Centre Heads: Hear what MK has to offer, including its curriculum, programme and general information for parents.
  • Breakout sessions: Individual MKs will share more about their centres' programmes, facilities, and Kindergarten Care (KCare) services.
Use the SchoolFinder to shortlist MKs near your home, before signing up for the Virtual Open House!


The open house will comprise 14 online sharing sessions by the different MKs at one of these timings:

  • 9.30am
  • 11am

Find out more about the timings for the respective MKs below. You can also visit the MKs' websites to view the learning environments and facilities.

Parents interested in the 7 new MKs that will open in 2023 can sign up for any of the sharing sessions. The 7 new MKs are:

  • MK@Alexandra*
  • MK@Bendemeer*
  • MK@Fengshan*
  • MK@Princess Elizabeth*
  • MK@Shuqun*
  • MK@Temasek
  • MK@Yishun*

*MKs partnering Early Years Centres (EYCs).

Select an area to view the MKs you are interested in:

  • North
  • Northeast
  • East
  • Central
  • West

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For more information on MK, you can visit the MK website or the Frequently Asked Questions.