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Weeks of Wonder projects

In these projects, children work together to investigate topics that interest them.

Collaborative, self-directed learning

Each term at MOE Kindergarten (MK) culminates in a Weeks of Wonder (WoW) project. In a year, children complete 2 WoW projects in English and another 2 in their Mother Tongue Language (MTL). Children will work together with their friends on a topic of their choice.

Through WoW projects, children learn to:

  • Make their own decisions.
  • Solve problems and use process skills to make sense of the world around them.
  • Collaborate with one another.
  • Communicate confidently in English and their MTL.

Through the process of finding answers to their own questions, WoW projects allow children to:

  • Experience the joy of self-motivated learning.
  • Build their confidence.
  • Strengthen their learning dispositions or positive behaviours and attitudes towards learning.

Past WoW projects

Floating houses

In MK@Dazhong, the children were interested to find out whether they could build houses on the water. The teachers took them through a process of “I wonder, I find out, I know” to guide their learning in the project.

Our Silat experience

Enthralled by the Malay Language Big Book, “Silat”, the children from MK@Northoaks embarked on a journey of discovery about the traditional Malay martial art during their Malay Language Starlight Literacy Programme.

Through the project, the children developed a better understanding of the Malay culture and traditions.