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Last Updated: 23 January 2021

Curriculum and programmes

Learn more about how our holistic curriculum and programmes nurture children’s confidence, social skills, bilingualism and build a good foundation in literacy and numeracy. Values, social and emotional skills, and learning dispositions are nurtured through the learning experiences created across the MOE Kindergarten (MK) curriculum and programmes.

Curriculum goals

Our curriculum and programmes are based on the Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) Framework that guides the development of quality kindergarten programmes in Singapore.

At MK, we believe preschool children are joyful, curious, active and competent learners and they play, learn and grow with others in a diverse and multi-cultural community. They are keen to make sense of the world around them, and they learn best through active learning.

We strive to make learning authentic and relevant for your child through activities with a distinctive Singapore flavour. This helps nurture your child’s:

  • Confidence and social skills.
  • Literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Bilingualism in English and their Mother Tongue Language (i.e. Chinese, Malay and Tamil languages).

Each MK class comprises up to 20 children, divided into smaller groups for specific learning activities.

In place of giving workbooks or worksheets as homework, we encourage family-based learning activities that you and your child can engage in together. This will help you bond with your child and share the joy of their growth and learning.

Our programmes

Our curriculum comprises 2 flagship programmes, the HI-Light Programme and Starlight Literacy Programme for English and MTL. In addition, each term at MK will conclude in a Weeks of Wonder project.

Field trips

We organise field trips to places of interest and participate in special events or programmes organised by external organisations, such as Science Centre, NParks, National Arts Council, to enrich your child’s learning experiences in the MK. 

Programmes at different MKs

All MKs offer the same curriculum and flagship programmes. Each MK customises learning activities, teaching resources and approaches, and classroom spaces based on their children’s needs and interests. 

Supporting your child’s journey

Families play an important role in nurturing children’s holistic development. We routinely involve families in children’s learning through our Leading and Inspiring Families of Early Learners @ MOE Kindergarten (LIFE@MK) programme.

LIFE@MK is a series of workshops and sharing sessions conducted by MK educators for parents. We share:

  • What your child learns at MK.
  • Teaching and learning approaches that are appropriate for your child’s development.
  • Practical tips to help you nurture your child's holistic development at home. 
  • Information on specific topics, such as supporting your child’s transition to primary school and appropriate use of ICT tools.

For more information on preschool learning goals and how you can support your child's development, please refer to the NEL Framework.