Singapore Management University (SMU)

SMU has 6 schools offering 8 undergraduate degree programmes - law, accountancy, business management, economics, information systems, computer science, computing and law, and social sciences. SMU's pedagogy features an interactive, collaborative and seminar-based approach to learning.

As a specialised and research-intensive university, the 6 schools in SMU offer 8 undergraduate degree programmes in:

  • Law
  • Accountancy
  • Business management
  • Economics
  • Information systems, with majors in Information Systems and Smart-city Management and Technology
  • Computer science
  • Computing and law
  • Social sciences, with majors in Political Science, Psychology or Sociology, and Politics, Economics and Law

SMU's holistic undergraduate degree programme develops students into broadly educated individuals, with depth of discipline knowledge and adaptability to thrive in a changing world. Every SMU student will undertake experiences like global exposure, community service, internships and a core curriculum that forms the root intellectual experience for all students.

SMU's 100% seminar-based pedagogy fosters strong interaction and collaboration. Students also take the SMU-X curriculum, which allow them to work on real-world industry issues under the guidance of faculty and industry partners. The university is unique in having a city campus located in the heart of downtown Singapore, which helps to foster a vibrant student life experience, and strategic linkages with business, government and the wider community.

Since inception, SMU has been adopting the holistic and aptitude-based admissions approach that looks beyond academic grades by applying a broad admissions criteria, including an interview to select students.

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  • A-level graduate
  • Polytechnic graduate
  • IB graduate

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Graduate Employment Survey (GES)

GES is jointly conducted by NTU, NUS, SIT, SMU, SUSS and SUTD annually to survey the employment conditions of graduates about 6 months after their final examinations.

Download SMU GES report (223kb)

Indicative Grade Profile (IGP)

The IGP provides information on the grade profile of students who were offered admissions in the previous admissions cycle. This enables prospective students to make informed choices during their application.

Download SMU IGP document (304kb)