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4. Posting process

How is JAE posting conducted?

You must first meet the admission criteria of the course that you are applying for.

After eligibility is confirmed, all these factors will be taken into consideration.

  1. Your net aggregate score, that is gross aggregate score minus bonus points.
  2. Your choice of courses.
  3. Vacancies available in the courses.

Who gets priority when two applicants have the same net aggregate score?

If you have the same net aggregate score as another applicant and vying for the last place in a course, posting will be determined by citizenship status, in this order:

  1. Singapore Citizens (SC)
  2. Permanent Residents (PR)
  3. International students

If both of you are SCs, the one with a better gross aggregate score will be posted to the course.

If there is still a tie, a computerised ballot will decide the posting outcome.

What if you are not posted to any of your chosen courses?

You will be posted to a course with vacancies. This will be at the same institution type as your first choice.

For example, you will be posted to a JC course if you have indicated JC as your first choice. This is subject to you meeting the course’s entry requirements.

If you have applied for a Diploma in Nursing course

Interest is a consideration for posting to the Diploma in Nursing courses at Nanyang Polytechnic and Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

You will be given priority if you have indicated these courses as your first choice and meet the minimum entry requirements.