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6. JC admission eligibility

To qualify for JC admission, you must:

1. Have a gross L1R5 aggregate score of 20 and below. The L1R5 aggregate score is made up of the following subjects:
L1R5 Subjects
First Language (L1) English or Higher Mother Tongue
Relevant Subject 1 (R1) Humanities, Higher Art, Higher Music, Malay (Special Programme), Chinese (Special Programme) or Bahasa Indonesia
Relevant Subject 2 (R2) Mathematics or Science
Relevant Subject 3 (R3) Humanities, Higher Art, Higher Music, Mathematics, Science, Malay (Special Programme), Chinese (Special Programme) or Bahasa Indonesia
Relevant Subject 4 (R4) Any GCE O-Level subjects, except Religious Knowledge
Relevant Subject 5 (R5) Any GCE O-Level subjects, except Religious Knowledge
  • Grades for both Higher MTL (Higher Chinese, Higher Malay and Higher Tamil) and MTL (Chinese, Malay and Tamil) cannot be used in the same aggregate computation. For example, if Higher Chinese is used as first language, Chinese cannot be used as a relevant subject.
  • Merit and Pass grades for the Mother Tongue ‘B’ Syllabus (Chinese ‘B’, Malay ‘B’ and Tamil ‘B’) cannot be used for aggregate computation.
2. Meet the following subject requirements
Subject Grade
English Language 1-6
Mathematics (Elementary/Additional) 1-7

Any 1 Mother Tongue Language (MTL):

  • MTL: Chinese, Malay, Tamil
  • MTL approved by MOE in lieu of an official MTL (MTL-in-lieu): Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, French, German, Japanese, Arabic, Burmese, Thai

  • 1-7 for MTL or MTL-in-lieu
  • 1-8 for Higher MTL*
  • Merit or Pass for ‘B’ Syllabus*
*Note: There is no Higher level or ‘B’ Syllabus for MTL-in-lieu.

Note the following for conditional admission:

  1. If you have sat for the subject but did not obtain the minimum grade stated above, you are eligible for conditional admission when you meet one of these criteria:
    • L1R5 ≤ 15
    • L1R5 from 16 to 20 and have grades of A1 or A2 in all the 5 relevant subjects
  2. You are required to re-sit and obtain the required grade for the O-Level subject, which you did not meet the minimum grade, by the end of Year 1 in junior college. Otherwise, you will be transferred to Year 2 of a course at Millennia Institute (MI). If you still fail to obtain the requisite subject grade by the end of Year 2 in MI, you will be asked to leave the MI course.
  3. Receiving an Absent grade would indicate that you have not sat for the required subject above, and you are not eligible for conditional admission to the JC.