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Opening Address by Dr Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman, Second Minister for Education at the Singapore-Industry Scholarship (SgIS) Award Ceremony, at Ho Bee Auditorium, University Cultural Centre

Published Date: 17 August 2023 06:30 PM

News Speeches

Friends from our Sponsoring Organisations and Government agencies,

Colleagues, Parents and recipients,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

1. A very good afternoon.

2. Congratulations to our 180 Singapore-Industry Scholarship (SgIS) award recipients today.

3. I am really delighted to join you as you embark on this exciting journey.

4. This accomplishment would not have been possible without the support and guidance of your families, teachers and friends, who are here today to share this memorable occasion with all of you.

5. Let us acknowledge their contributions to your success.

6. Since its inception 12 years ago, the SgIS has established itself as a unique talent development partnership between key economic and social sectors and the Singapore Government.

7. The scholarship aims to develop more young Singaporeans currently studying at our universities as future leaders and professionals in these sectors.

8. I am heartened to see the scholarship has grown from strength to strength.

9. From 28 Sponsoring Organisations when we first started, we now have 119 Sponsoring Organisations spanning 15 key sectors ranging from Aerospace, Biomedical, Infocomm Media, to Healthcare and Social Services. I hope the number of Sponsoring Organisations will be rounded off minimally to 120 by next year.

10. From 90 scholarships in the first year, we are awarding 180 award recipients this year.

11. In total, we have awarded more than 1,400 scholarships over the past 12 years.

12. These numbers signify the growing commitment of our industry leaders to develop our Singaporean core of talents.

13. I would like to thank our economic agencies and Sponsoring Organisations for working closely with MOE to ensure that Singapore continues to be a nation of opportunities for our people.

Singapore is at a Crossroads

14. While we celebrate today's successes, it is important to acknowledge that we are at a crossroads in our nation's journey.

15. The world around us and in our society is fast changing.

16. In the coming years, we will need to grapple with major challenges, including climate change, rapid technological advances and growing contestation in ideas and geopolitics.

17. At the same time, these challenges present new exciting opportunities for our industries and people, such as in sustainable, digital and urban solutions, product innovation and supply chain resilience.

A Need to Nurture a New Generation of Singapore Industry Leaders

18. To lead us through these crossroads, we need to nurture industry leaders who are curious, courageous, and compassionate – the 3Cs:

  1. Curious. Individuals who can develop innovative and sustainable solutions to transform our economy and create opportunities for the next generation of Singaporeans.
  2. Courageous. Individuals who are not afraid to step out of their comfort zones to connect with the world, so that Singapore remains a critical node in the global value chain.
  3. Compassionate. Individuals who embody servant leadership and take care of their colleagues, customers and the wider environment.

19. We are on the right track, and I am proud to say that many of the past SgIS recipients have exhibited these qualities and gone on to do well in their careers.

20. One example is Ang Liang Sheng, a 2014 SgIS recipient who joined ST Engineering.

21. Liang Sheng saw that gaining a global outlook would not only be beneficial for her personal development but also could value-add to her contributions to the company.

22. Hence, she stepped out of her comfort zone and accepted the posting to ST Engineering's Commercial Aerospace maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facilities in the United States.

23. She oversees the implementation of the Passenger-to-Freight (P2F) Conversion Program to meet the strong demand for freighter aircrafts in the market.

24. Through this opportunity, Liang Sheng found herself working more effectively in cross-functional and multi-cultural environments.

25. She aspires to apply and share the knowledge and experiences she acquired to lead an effective team back in Singapore.

Nurturing Industry Leaders Requires Collective Partnership

26. SgIS is a multi-industry scholarship focused on developing such leaders, which puts us in a good position to achieve this for Singapore.

27. Even so, like trees, we cannot grow timber overnight. It will take time.

28. This timber requires the strong partnership of the industries and scholarship recipients to work together to make this national endeavour a success.

29. Here are some of my thoughts on how each one of us can play our part.


30. First, the industries. For our SgIS Sponsoring Organisations, I would like to encourage you to further strengthen the industrial exposure, locally or overseas, that you provide for your scholarship recipients.

31. Provide them with opportunities and space to embrace challenges that can hone and sharpen their skills and competencies in problem-solving, in collaboration, in cross-cultural confidence, and the use of fast-evolving technology.

32. These are essential skills to encourage our scholarship recipients to be curious and bold enough to create, which will give us a sharp edge in moving our industries forward.

33. We must also be open to inter-industry collaboration to allow for cross-pollination of ideas.

34. Given Singapore's role as an important node for industries and services, the stronger our knowledge, skills and capabilities, the more opportunities we will be able to leverage.

Scholarship recipients

35. Second, for the scholarship recipients. For our SgIS recipients, make the best out of what SgIS offers you.

36. There are three things I hope that you will remember as you embark on your SgIS journey.

37. First, always be curious and eager to look for solutions for the betterment of society.

38. Let me share the example of Nur Sharlynn, an SgIS Full-Time recipient with DHL Supply Chain Singapore Private Limited.

39. She is currently pursuing Computer Science.

40. Her passion in using technology to improve the quality of life of other people spurred her to develop a Smart Glove and Android application that gamifies physiotherapy for stroke and arthritis patients, as her Final Year Project atTemasek Polytechnic.

41. Patients complete various mobility exercises to score points that are tracked and logged into the app.

42. This makes the physiotherapy sessions more enjoyable, fun and fulfilling for the patients.

43. Sharlynn hopes to continue to make significant contributions in her career with DHL, a company that she sees as innovative and being at the forefront of technology.

44. We all know that learning does not and should not stop upon your graduation.

45. It is essential to continue to acquire knowledge anywhere and anytime.

46. So, make SgIS internships an integral part of your growth.

47. Interaction with peers and experts across sectors will broaden your industry, national and global insights, and feed your curiosity about the world.

48. This is something you can look forward to, through various SgIS initiatives such as the Leaders' Forum and Scholars' Network.

49. Second, be courageous in stepping out of your comfort zones and learning about the world first-hand.

50. Take Ganesamoorthy Abilash as an example.

51. He is an SgIS Mid-Term recipient with Silicon Laboratories International Private Limited, majoring in Electrical Engineering.

52. Abilash seized a rare opportunity for an overseas internship programme at Japan's National Institute of Technology (Kisarazu College) during his third year in Nanyang Polytechnic.

53. For three months, he worked with his Japanese colleagues to design a sensor network system for agricultural plant factories, which laid the foundation for the Internet of Things (IoT) system used in greenhouses.

54. Not only was it an opportunity for Abilash to apply and deepen his technical knowledge, in addition, Abilash has developed a sense of independence and appreciation for another culture during his internship.

55. As leaders of your generation, you are the bridge that connects us to the world.

56. That is why SgIS provides you with support for overseas exchange programmes or internships so that you can participate in internationalisation experiences.

57. I encourage all of you to take this up when the opportunity arises.

58. Third, be compassionate and lead your peers in caring for one another.

59. Find opportunities to uplift other Singaporeans whenever and wherever you can.

60. As a final example, let me share about Stella Wee, an Architecture SgIS Mid-Term recipient with DP Architects Private Limited, who is driven by her passion to serve the hearing impaired community.

61. She picked up sign language, through the Sign Language Club in Singapore Polytechnic, so that she can engage and understand the needs of the community effectively.

62. She spends her free time organising outreach efforts and sign language lessons for her peers.

63. Her career with DP Architects presents another opportunity to serve the hearing impaired community.

64. For example, Stella aspires to design communal spaces that facilitates interactions between people from all walks of life and promote inclusivity.


65. As future Singapore leaders of industry, my hope is that you will continue to build on the strengths of Singapore and chart the way forward for our economy and for our society.

66. You will need to stay curious, courageous and compassionate.

67. I am confident that all of you have such positive qualities.

68. And I urge you to build on these strengths, so that you will lead our organisations to do well and to do good, and to bring Singapore forward.

69. I wish all of you the very best and my heartiest congratulations to all of you again.

70. Thank you.