Speech by Minister of State for Education, Ms Gan Siow Huang, at the Live On Festival Awards Presentation 2021

Published Date: 29 September 2021 12:30 PM

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1. Hello, everyone.

2. I'm delighted to be able to join the Live On Festival Awards Presentation for the second time to celebrate the hard work and creativity of all our participants.

3. Live On Festival creates an opportunity for youths and members of the public to challenge themselves in expressing their thoughts on the topic of organ donation and transplantation. It started off as a design competition in 2018, and has expanded to include an essay segment this year so that more people can participate. It's great to hear that there have been more than 1,800 artworks, the highest number of entries to date, and over 1,600 essays submitted from both the open and school categories. Every piece of artwork and essay tells a story about the needs of those around us, highlights the good in our people, and inspires positive meaningful action.

4. I am sure that all our participants have gained fresh personal insights on the topic of organ donation and transplantation. More importantly, you have created awareness through your work that patients with end-stage organ failure live their lives as if treading on thin ice, waiting for a life-saving and life-changing organ to be available. I hope that through this experience, you have learnt not to take your own good health and wellness for granted, and that organ donors, whether deceased or living, are the rays of hope for these patients.

5. For the essay competition, our upper secondary students were challenged to express their opinions on whether youths today are apathetic towards organ donation. From the entries, it's clear that our students thought critically about our local context. In her reflection, a secondary 2 student from Yuan Ching Secondary School shared, 'I realised the joy that organ donation brings to others. It is very spectacular that someone would risk their lives to save another.' Indeed, it is so valuable and inspirational that our youths' views towards organ donation highlight the spirit of compassion, empathy and altruism.

6. Live On Festival would not have been possible without the dedication and guidance of principals and teachers from 89 secondary schools. To our principals and teachers, thank you for tackling a difficult topic like organ donation with your students, and giving them the opportunity to glean important lessons on values and ethics through this experience. It is a worthwhile endeavour for students to learn how concepts learnt in textbooks can apply to the real world.

7. I would also like to extend my appreciation to the organiser, National Organ Transplant Unit, for bringing the Festival to schools and members of the public. To all participants, this is only the beginning - remember to continue passing on the knowledge you have acquired, and initiate conversations with your family and peers on this important topic.

8. Once again, congratulations to all the winners of Live On Festival 2021. I am confident that this is just the start of your journey to raise awareness on organ donation and transplantation, and build bridges of hope and change in our society.

9. Thank you.

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