Speech by Second Minister for Education, Ms Indranee Rajah, at the Sony Creative Science Award 2019

Published Date: 07 November 2019 12:00 AM

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Good morning everyone!

2. I am delighted to be here today with all of you and to have the opportunity to address such a talented pool of students, supportive teachers and parents, and a dedicated organising committee.

3. Sony Creative Science Award, or SCSA, has been a popular toy-making challenge for about 22 years, and I understand it has attracted over 65,000 toy submissions since it started in 1998. That is a huge number and it is really impressive! Platforms like these are very important as they provide students an opportunity to learn about science and apply it in a creative and engaging way through the building of toys. This is something that complements our learning through play educational approach.

A Hands-On Learning Experience

4. We can never underestimate the value and importance of toys in the formative years of a child's development. They engage a child's senses, allowing imagination to blossom, foster creativity and inspire learning. The process of conceptualising and creating toys also allows the development of a child's fine motor skills and enhances their problem-solving abilities. A child's imagination has no limits and we should continue to provide them with such opportunities to explore and express their ideas through hands-on activities.

Learning Beyond a Classroom Context

5. Learning should not be confined to the classroom or textbooks so that our students can better understand how to apply theories and principles to real-life settings. SCSA provides students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge beyond the classroom. Students who progress to the final judging round attend a toy-making challenge workshop, where they can put into practice what they have learnt in school and bring their ideas to life. During the workshop, the SCSA committee members provide valuable mentoring and guidance to these students to help them further refine their ideas. At the exhibition later, you will be able to see many ingenious toy creations.

6. One of them is called "Egg Rescue", by Don Sze from Alexandra Primary School. He was walking home one day when he saw a bird's nest resting precariously on the tree branch. He was worried that the eggs might fall to the ground and wanted to create a toy that could rescue those eggs. That's the beauty of it. He did not just want to create a fun toy. He wanted his creativity to serve a good purpose.

Role of Parents and Teachers

7. We should also recognise the concerted efforts by teachers and parents who have encouraged and guided these student participants every step of the way through this competition. Also, a job well done to the teachers receiving the Blue Ribbon and Diamond Awardees, who have been exemplary in moulding the next generation of creative and critical thinkers in Singapore.

8. Our young generation may be young in years but they have immense potential to contribute significantly and meaningfully to our lives in the future. May we continue to support our budding engineers and scientists.

9. To conclude, I would like to commend the organisers, Science Centre Singapore, Sony Group of Companies in Singapore, and Ministry of Education, for their dedication and commitment in providing a platform for our students to learn through creation and experimentation for the last 22 years and hopefully, for many more years to come.

10. I would also like to applaud all schools, teachers and parents for your support, without whom this competition would not have been a success. You have all played a pivotal role and will continue to be instrumental in shaping our next generation to be creative and resourceful inventors.

11. Congratulations to all the winners of the Sony Creative Science Award! Keep the spirit of ingenuity going, and continue to innovate and create.

12. Thank you.

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