Press Releases

September 25, 2013

Student development teams - Enhancing Quality Of Student Experience In All Schools

The Ministry of Education (MOE) will support all primary and secondary schools to form student development teams by 2016 to focus on the quality of student experience in all schools.

These student development teams will oversee the development of each student as he experiences the holistic education programmes designed for him, including the core academic and student development programmes, the Applied Learning programme and the Learning for Life programme.

Year Heads will oversee all programmes and matters relating to the holistic development of students in a given level. For instance, the Year Head of Secondary 1 will oversee the transition of Secondary 1 students from a primary school environment to a secondary school environment, while the emphasis in the other years could be on leadership development opportunities and exploring post-secondary education and future career possibilities. Year Heads will work with class form teachers of that level to provide stronger socio-emotional support for our students and coordinate efforts among teachers teaching a particular level - this will better ensure a more coherent educational experience for students. Year Heads will report to the Vice-Principal who will oversee the student development team.

Schools which have piloted student development teams have given positive feedback that this partnership between the Year Heads and the class form teachers not only allowed schools to provide better attention to student needs, it also facilitated values-in-action programmes, pastoral care programmes and other initiatives to strengthen the rapport between teachers and students.

This follows MOE’s successful pilot in six schools last year. Eighteen more schools formed their student development teams this year. MOE will support all our schools to set up their team by 2016.