Press Releases

June 26, 2012

Adjustments in School Fees for Non-Citizens and Miscellaneous Fees for All Students from 2013

School Fees

The Ministry of Education (MOE) will be revising the school fees for students who are permanent residents (PR) and international students (IS) in Government and Government-aided schools from January 2013, to further differentiate fees by citizenship. School fees will increase by $50-80 per month for students who are PR and by $115-250 per month for IS. School fees for students who are Singapore Citizens (SC) will remain unchanged. Please refer to the tables below for the current and revised school fees.

Primary School Fees (Per Month)

Nationality 2012 2013 Increase
$ $ $
SC Free Free -
PR 40 90 50
IS (ASEAN) 235 350 115
IS 345 500 155

Secondary School Fees (Per Month)

Nationality 2012 2013 Increase
$ $ $
SC 5 5 -
PR 55 120 65
IS (ASEAN) 325 450 125
IS 470 650 180

Pre-University School Fees (Per Month)

Nationality 2012 2013 Increase
$ $ $
SC 6 6 -
PR 80 160 80
IS (ASEAN) 530 700 170
IS 750 1,000 250

Miscellaneous Fees

The standard miscellaneous fees were last revised in January 2005. From January 2013, the monthly standard miscellaneous fees will increase by $1.00 at primary level, $2.00 at secondary level and $2.50 at Pre-University level for all students. Please refer to the table below for the current and revised standard miscellaneous fees.

Standard Miscellaneous Fees (Per Month)

Level 2012 2013 Increase
$ $ $
Primary 5.50 6.50 1.00
Secondary 8.00 10.00 2.00
Pre-University 11.00 13.50 2.50

Financial Assistance for Singapore Citizens

General education for SC students is highly subsidised. The miscellaneous fees collected are retained by the schools to defray the cost of teaching resources and materials used by students. For those in need of financial assistance, MOE has in place the Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) to help them pay for school fees, standard miscellaneous fees and basic schooling expenses such as textbooks and school attire. The income criteria of the MOE FAS were recently revised in March 2012. SC students who come from a family with a gross household income of not more than $2,500 per month are eligible for the FAS. They also qualify for the FAS if their per capita household income does not exceed $625 per month.