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MOE's Response to Queries on CCE Lessons on the Israel-Hamas Conflict

Published Date: 23 February 2024 09:30 PM

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The Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) curriculum supports the holistic development of our students, including the development of their values, social-emotional well-being, and citizenship dispositions. CCE lessons include discussions on a range of contemporary issues such as mental wellbeing, casual racism, as well as global events like the Russia-Ukraine War and the Israel-Hamas conflict.

On the Israel-Hamas conflict, our aims are to allow our students a safe space to understand the complex situation, develop their own views, appreciate the diverse perspectives involved, discern the information about the issue, and understand the situation from Singapore's perspectives, including the need to preserve our cohesion and harmony.

In schools, teachers are trained to use age-appropriate methods to help students of different levels, from upper primary to pre university, appreciate different dimensions of the issue, and discuss them sensitively and respectfully.

In conducting these lessons, our teachers do not impose their personal views on the students, nor do they advocate for the interests of any particular parties involved in the conflict. Our curated resources are differentiated by levels for ease of use by our educators. For example, the focus for younger students is on empathy for the victims of the conflict and preserving harmony and cohesion in our multiracial society. For older students, the additional focus will include verifying the sources of information and appreciating the diverse perspectives that people from different backgrounds may have.

During the lessons, students have the opportunity to share their thoughts and express their emotions in a safe environment, while being respectful and sensitive to the views of others. Our students are also encouraged to have constructive dialogues and channel their energies into positive actions. Our teachers also check in on the emotional wellbeing of our students and identify those that may require greater support. We do not poll the students on their beliefs.

MOE regularly updates our CCE materials to keep pace with developments and to take into account feedback from stakeholders.