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Meeting Shifting Demand for School and Preschool Places Across Singapore

Published Date: 16 January 2024 01:00 PM

News Press Releases

1. The Ministry of Education (MOE) regularly reviews our plans for schools and MOE Kindergartens (MK) to better cater to changing demand for school and preschool places across Singapore. In these reviews, factors such as the current and projected population and the availability of school and preschool places are considered. Besides ensuring sufficient places for our families and students, we also seek to provide quality programmes and learning environments for our students.

2. MOE will be implementing changes to the following schools/MKs:

Location School/MK Update Year
Western and Southern regions Kranji Primary School and MK@Kranji Relocation from Choa Chu Kang to Tengah 2028
MK@Bukit View (sited within Bukit View Primary School) Opening 2028
MK@Blangah Rise Closure End-2024
North-Eastern and Eastern regions
Outram Secondary School Relocation from York Hill to Sengkang 2026
New primary school and MK in Tampines North Opening 2029

Western and Southern regions of Singapore


3. In line with our February 2023 announcement that a second primary school will be opened in Tengah, MOE will relocate Kranji Primary School (KPS) and MK@Kranji from Choa Chu Kang to a new Tengah campus in 20281. Families at Tengah will benefit from a school which has developed a suite of interesting educational programmes for their students over the years. The relocation of KPS is possible because there is a surplus of school places and sufficient government-supported preschool options for families in Choa Chu Kang North. A map of KPS and MK@Kranji’s new location in Tengah can be found in Annex A.

4. To facilitate the relocation, KPS and MK@Kranji will stop accepting P1 and K1 students from 2025. KPS will stay in operation until all their existing students graduate by end-2029, and MK@Kranji will stay in operation until end-2025 when all its K2 children move on to P1. This will minimise disruption to students and their families at Choa Chu Kang.

5. As KPS will cease accepting P1 students from 2025, siblings of existing students as well as children graduating from MK@Kranji who are participating in the P1 Registration Exercise in 2024 will not be able to register for KPS. However, there are sufficient P1 places in Choa Chu Kang for eligible P1 students to be admitted into.

6. KPS and MK@Kranji (Tengah campus) will begin operations from 2028. Parents who wish to enrol their children in P1 at KPS and K1 at MK@Kranji at the new Tengah campus in 2028 may register in the 2027 P1 Registration Exercise and in the 2027 MK Registration Exercise2.

Bukit Batok

7. To meet demand for preschool places in Bukit Batok West, MK@Bukit View will also open in 2028. The MK will be sited within Bukit View Primary School’s new campus in Bukit Batok West. Parents can register for 2028 K1 admission to MK@Bukit View when the MK Registration Exercise opens in 2027.

Bukit Merah

8. MK@Blangah Rise was one of the first five MKs set up in 2014 to provide quality and affordable preschool education for children. Over the years, preschool demand in the vicinity has fallen. As such, MK@Blangah Rise has stopped accepting K1 applications and will not have a K1 cohort from 2024. MK@Blangah Rise is committed to continue providing quality teaching and care to existing K2 children until they complete preschool at the end of the year. Overall, in the Bukit Merah region, there continues to be sufficient government-supported preschool places to meet demand.

North-Eastern and Eastern regions of Singapore


9. In February 2023, MOE also announced that a new secondary school would be opened in Sengkang. In line with this, MOE will relocate Outram Secondary School (OSS) to Sengkang in 2026 to cater to the higher demand for secondary school places in the North-East area. Although OSS is an established school with strong educational programmes, the school is located in a mature area where demand for secondary school places is falling. A map of OSS’ new location in Sengkang can be found in Annex B.

10. MOE will work with OSS to ensure a smooth transition from its current York Hill campus to the new campus in Sengkang. To minimise disruptions to students’ learning, OSS will not be admitting new Secondary 1 students in 2025, but will begin accepting new Secondary 1 students from 2026 at its Sengkang campus. OSS will operate two campuses until 2027, when the last batch of Secondary 4 students at the York Hill campus graduates.

Tampines North

11. As more families move to Tampines North with the completion of HDB Build-to-Order projects there, a new primary school with an MK will begin operations in Tampines North in 2029. Details of the school and MK will be announced at a later date. A map of the new primary school and MK’s location can be found in Annex C.

12. MOE will work closely with educators and staff in the affected schools and MKs to ensure a smooth transition. If necessary, they may be redeployed to other educational institutions to support our overall organisational and manpower needs.

  1. The relocation of KPS to Tengah means that there will be two primary schools in Tengah by 2028. The first primary school, Pioneer Primary School, will relocate from Jurong West to Tengah in 2026.

  2. Registration for K1 admission in 2028 to an MK will take place in February 2027 (tentative), and be open to Singapore Citizen and Permanent Resident children born between 2 January 2023 and 1 January 2024 (both dates inclusive). Details on the MK Registration Exercise for K1 admission in 2028 will be released in early 2027.