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Revised School Fees for Non-Citizens in Government and Government-Aided Schools for 2022 and 2023

Published Date: 21 October 2021 12:00 PM

News Press Releases

1. The Ministry of Education (MOE) will be increasing school fees for Singapore permanent residents (PR) and international students (IS) in Government and Government-Aided schools for 2022 and 2023. This is part of MOE's regular review of school fees. The release of planned fee increases for non-citizens over the next two years will enable parents to plan for the financing of their children's studies in MOE schools.

2. For the next two years, monthly school fees will increase by $25 to $60 for PR students, and $25 to $150 for IS each year. The revised fees will take effect from January each year. Please refer to the tables below for the revised school fees for PR and IS for 2022 and 2023.

Primary School Fees (Per Month)

2021 (Current) 2022 2023
$ $ $
PR 205 230 255
IS(ASEAN) 465 490 515
IS (Non-ASEAN) 775 825 875

Secondary School Fees (Per Month)

2021 (Current) 2022 2023
$ $ $
PR 380 440 500
IS(ASEAN) 780 840 900
IS (Non-ASEAN) 1,450 1,600 1,750

Pre-University School Fees (Per Month)

2021 (Current) 2022 2023
$ $ $
PR 460 520 580
IS(ASEAN) 1,040 1,070 1,100
IS (Non-ASEAN) 1,800 1,950 2,100

3. School fees for Singapore Citizen (SC) students in Government and Government-Aided Schools will remain the same. SC students do not need to pay monthly school fees for Primary School, and pay $5 and $6 per month for Secondary School and Pre-University respectively.

4. The standard miscellaneous fees will also remain unchanged (see table below). Second-tier miscellaneous fees are set by schools and are capped at the standard miscellaneous fees. The same miscellaneous fees apply to students of all nationalities.

Standard Miscellaneous Fees (Per Month)

Level Amount
Primary $6.50
Secondary $10.00
Pre-University $13.50