Open for Nominations: President's Award for Teachers and Outstanding Youth in Education Award

Published Date: 01 October 2021 10:00 AM

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1. Do you know educators who have made outstanding contributions in moulding the future of our nation? The Ministry of Education (MOE) invites you to nominate them for the following national awards:

President's Award for Teachers (Pat) 2022

2. The President's Award for Teachers recognises excellent educators for their dedication and hard work in developing our young. These educators are role models for the fraternity and inspire students through their words and deeds.

3. PAT is open to teachers from primary and secondary schools, Junior Colleges (JC)/ Millennia Institute (MI), as well as educators from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and the polytechnics. Since the establishment of the award in 1998, it has recognised 113 educators for their teaching excellence, dedication and hard work.

Outstanding Youth in Education Award (Oyea) 2022

4. The Outstanding Youth in Education Award (OYEA) recognises young teachers, aged 35 and below, for their youthful idealism, enthusiasm, energy and active involvement in youth development.

5. OYEA is open to teachers born on or after 30 June 1987, and are presently in service at a primary school, secondary school, JC or at MI. Since its inception in 1999, 90 outstanding young educators have received the award.

Nomination Details

6. Nominations for both awards can be submitted online ( and The links to the online nomination forms can also be found on the Academy of Singapore Teachers website (

7. In our bid to go digital, hard copy nomination forms will no longer be provided. Those who prefer to complete a hard copy form may download and print a digital version of the form from the Academy of Singapore Teachers website (, and mail the completed nomination forms to the PAT or OYEA Secretariat, Academy of Singapore Teachers, 2 Malan Road, Singapore 109433.

8. The nomination period starts on 1 October 2021 for both awards. Nominations for OYEA and PAT will close on 12 January 2022 and 25 January 2022, respectively.

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