Record 162 Students Awarded Singapore-Industry Scholarship on its 10th Anniversary

Published Date: 28 July 2021 06:00 PM

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1. 162 students received the 2021 Singapore-Industry Scholarship (SgIS)1 this year, the highest since the scholarship was established in 2012. The continued strong support for SgIS from 73 Sponsoring Organisations (SOs) shows that developing a pipeline of local talent is essential not just for Singapore's economy but also for their businesses in the long run. This year also marks the 10th anniversary of the SgIS.

2. About 300 SgIS scholars, alumni and representatives from SOs gathered at the SgIS virtual award ceremony on 28 July 2021 to celebrate the scholarship's 10th anniversary and welcome the new scholars, with Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Heng Swee Keat, as the Guest-of-Honour.

3. The SgIS aims to nurture a core of Singaporean industry leaders to steer the development of the country's key strategic industries. To date, it is the only scholarship offered in partnership between the Government and local industries. The SgIS has established itself as one of the choice scholarships in Singapore, growing from 28 SOs in 2012 to 73 this year 2.The 73 SOs come from 14 key sectors, including biomedical and pharmaceuticals, electronics, engineering, lifestyle and food, and social services. Since its inception, the SgIS has awarded 1,140 scholarships.

4. Micron has been with SgIS since 2012. Its Regional Head of Talent Acquisition, Ms Zerlinda Tan said: "Micron is committed to building a strong pipeline of future innovators by nurturing the young talent in our local communities to equip them with the skills needed to drive tomorrow's discoveries. We have been working with SgIS for 10 years and have identified over 120 scholars for our growing Micron team. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the Government of Singapore and strengthening the local talent pool for the industry and our business."

5. Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Group Director, Sector Capability and Transformation Group at National Council of Social Service, Dr Fermin Diez said: "We are pleased to journey with SgIS for 10 years and counting, to nurture the next generation of youths who are looking to make a difference with a meaningful career. With SgIS, a multi-industry scholarship provider, we have been able to attract talents across different fields who build up our social service industry with their diverse expertise. This year, we expanded our support to include students majoring in Information & Communications Technology. We look forward to having these recipients join the Social Service Tribe to accelerate the digitalization of the social service sector."

6. Head of Human Resource at PSA Corporation Ltd, Mr Ng Kok Cheong, said: "Our people are our most valuable asset and a key to driving the overall success of our business transformation. PSA's partnership with SgIS allows us to nurture outstanding young talents who share our passion for business agility, innovation and sustainability, as well as add diversity to our talent pool for a strong leadership pipeline."

7. Realtek Singapore Pte Ltd is a new partner who joined SgIS this year. Senior Director at, Mr Shieh Ping Lung, said: "Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Singapore's economy, the electronics sector, especially the semiconductor industry, has continued to grow. As we grow our revenue, we continue to invest in top talent to enhance growth and new initiatives. Realtek is committed to building and growing the integrated circuit design talent pool in Singapore and offering scholarships through SgIS is part of our strategy to attract local talent to join the industry. Thanks to SgIS' well-established publicity channels and efficient screening process, we were able to secure a pool of talents within a short span of time."

8. Beyond offering aspiring local talent the chance to contribute to Singapore's key sectors via SgIS, all SgIS scholars are also given exposure to industry-relevant experiences and development opportunities to hone their leadership skills, as part of the SgIS Scholars' Development and Engagement Programme. The programme includes:

  • Internships and mentorships conducted by SOs to enable undergraduate scholars to gain a head start in acquiring industry knowledge;
  • Forums with thought leaders from the public and private sectors to expose the scholars to broader issues concerning Singapore and its key industries; and
  • Social activities for scholars to develop their leadership and soft skills, and contribute back to the SgIS community and the wider society through the SgIS Scholars' Network Executive Committee (EXCO)3.

9. By end 2021, about 620 SgIS scholars would have graduated from university. With more partners coming on board, more development opportunities will be available for Singaporean students who seek to contribute to their chosen SO and industry. This will put the SgIS in a good position to groom a sustainable pipeline of industry leaders who can drive Singapore's industrial growth for the long term.

  1. More information on SgIS can be found at

  2. The list of SOs can be found at

  3. The SgIS Scholars’ Network EXCO consists of SgIS scholars who are passionate about contributing back to the SgIS community. They plan and organise bonding, learning and community involvement activities for their fellow scholars.

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