Edgefield Secondary School Students to Shift to Home-Based Learning Next Week

Published Date: 01 May 2021 11:00 PM

News Press Releases

1. A student from Edgefield Secondary School (EFSS) was tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday, 30 April. The student was last in school on Thursday, 29 April, with Acute Respiratory Infection symptoms, and had immediately consulted a doctor.

2. In light of this, EFSS will be stepping up precautionary measures to curb any risk of transmission. These include:

  • Students, staff and external vendors who had been in close contact with the student being placed on Quarantine Order;
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfecting of the school premises; and
  • Given that this is currently an unlinked case, and with the increase in the community cases, other students, staff and external vendors of the school are required by the Ministry of Health to undergo COVID-19 swab tests.

3. As it would take some time to complete and receive the results of the COVID-19 swab tests, EFSS will conduct Full Home-Based Learning (HBL) from Tuesday, 4 May to Friday, 7 May. Monday, 3 May, is a school holiday. During the week, EFSS will continue to provide instruction and support for its students both online and using hardcopy materials, so that learning continues uninterrupted. Teachers will also keep in regular contact with students and parents. Pending their test results, all those involved in the EFSS COVID-19 swab testing should also minimise contact with others and avoid crowded places as a precautionary measure.

4. MOE will continue to monitor the situation closely, and work with the school and parents to ensure the well-being of staff and students. With the increase in the number of local cases over the past week, we urge all students and staff to continue practising good personal hygiene and adhering to Safe Management Measures. This includes wearing masks, washing hands frequently, wiping down equipment and tables, seeing a doctor if they are sick and returning to school only when fully recovered.

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