Arrangements for School Reopening in 2021

Published Date: 18 December 2020 02:00 PM

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All MOE Kindergartens (MKs), primary and secondary schools will start the school year on Monday, 4 January 2021 while Junior Colleges (JCs) and Millennia Institute (MI) will start on Monday, 11 January 2021. In line with the current national posture, schools will reopen fully with most Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) and school activities allowed, and higher-risk activities suspended or limited to a smaller group cap.


2. To better welcome Kindergarten 1 (K1) children and Primary 1 (P1) students to their new schools and ensure that the Safe Management Measures (SMMs) can be implemented effectively, only K1 children and P1 students will report to school on 4 January (Monday). Kindergarten 2 (K2) children and Primary 2 (P2) to Primary 6 (P6) students will remain at home on 4 January, and report to school on 5 January (Tuesday).

3. On 4 January, if needed, at most one parent/guardian will be allowed to accompany their K1 or P1 child/ward to their new school to familiarise with the new environment, while still keeping all students safe.

4. Kindergarten Care will not be open for K2 children on 4 January to allow MKs to accommodate the K1 parents on that day. Nonetheless, school-based Student Care Centres (SCCs) will remain open in the afternoon of 4 January for P2 to P6 students enrolled in SCCs.

5. All secondary schools, JCs and MI will resume their school year as scheduled, and parents/guardians will only be allowed to drop off their child/ward at school.

6. To ensure that schools remain a safe place for teaching and learning, SMMs will continue to be observed when schools reopen, including visual screening and temperature-taking of individuals, observance of high standards of hygiene, and safe distancing between students and staff. Students who are unwell with flu-like symptoms such as fever or cough are reminded to seek medical attention and stay away from school. It is not mandatory for students to have their TraceTogether tokens when school reopens. The tokens will only be required in schools after nationwide distribution is completed.


7. From mid to late-February 2021, the National School Games (NSG) will resume for sports across 'A', 'B' and 'Senior' Divisions which meet the national guidelines. From late-March to early-May 2021, the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation (SYF AP) for secondary schools, JCs and MI will also resume for events which meet the national guidelines. These activities will be conducted with the necessary modifications and SMMs in place to ensure the safety of participants and organisers. For the list of sports and SYF AP events resuming, please refer to the Annex.

8. We are working on how the remaining sports and SYF AP events which do not meet the national guidelines, can resume in a safe and meaningful way for the 2021 season and details will be announced separately. More details on the resumption of the 'Junior' and 'C' Divisions, slated for the second half of 2021, will also be provided at a later date.


9. All students in SPED schools will start their school year on Monday, 4 January 2021, with similar posture as end 2020. The SMMs in SPED schools will continue to be aligned to that of the mainstream schools. SMMs specific to SPED programmes, such as measures to ensure the safe conduct of therapy sessions, will also continue.


10. SMMs will continue to be observed at the IHLs to ensure that they continue to be safe spaces for teaching and learning.

11. MOE will continue to monitor the situation closely and review our plans in tandem with the national posture. We urge all students and staff to continue practising good personal hygiene, exercise social responsibility and abide by SMMs, whether in or outside school.

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