2020, Our Story of Battling the Pandemic: National Writing Competition for Primary and Secondary Schools Award Ceremony

Published Date: 30 November 2020 12:00 PM

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"2020年,我们的战疫故事" 全国中小学征文大赛颁奖典礼"

1. A total of 66 primary and secondary school students were recognised at the "2020, Our Story of Battling the Pandemic" National Writing Competition award ceremony on Saturday, 28 November 2020.

2. Minister of State for Education and Chairperson of the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL), Ms Sun Xueling, presented the awards as the Guest-of-Honour. The list of award recipients can be found in the Annex.

3. Co-organised by the CPCLL and the Singapore Middle School Chinese Teachers' Association, the competition encouraged students to reflect on the importance of resilience in a rapidly-changing world, by recording their stories and experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic – including how they had adapted to new ways of learning during the full Home-Based Learning period.

4. Held from 20 May 2020 to 25 July 2020, the competition received more than 530 written entries. In most of the entries, students shared observations of how different communities came together during the pandemic to cheer Singapore and the rest of the world on. The entries were judged based on content and readability by a panel of judges comprising experts and academics in the culture and education fields.

5. At the award ceremony, Ms Sun also launched a publication entitled 《2020年,我们的战疫故事》, a compilation of all the winning entries as well as 20 voluntary submissions from teachers. All primary and secondary schools will each receive two copies of the publication in the new academic year, for use as a teaching and learning resource.

6. For more information about CPCLL's events, please visit the CPCLL website at cpcll.sginstagram.com/cpcll or facebook.com/cpcll.

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