43 Schools to Welcome New Principals

Published Date: 16 October 2020 12:00 AM

News Press Releases

1. The Ministry of Education (MOE) will be appointing 43 Principals at the annual Appointment and Appreciation Ceremony for Principals to be held on 29 December 2020. Of these, 23 will be newly-appointed Principals (refer to Annex for details).

2. The process of appointing and rotating Principals allows schools to benefit from new perspectives, and enables experienced Principals to share best practices across schools. Our Principals will have the opportunity to take on new challenges and strengthen the work of the schools that they are newly appointed to lead.

3. For the 23 newly-appointed Principals, this is an important career milestone as they assume greater responsibilities as leaders in education. For the 20 current Principals and HQ officers who will be assuming new Principalship appointments, it is an affirmation of MOE's confidence in their abilities to continue leading and guiding our teachers, staff and students in schools.

4. Mr Lawrence Wong, Minister for Education, will preside over the Appointment and Appreciation Ceremony for Principals, while Mr Wong Siew Hoong, Director-General of Education, will be presenting Letters of Appointment to the Principals. At the ceremony, MOE will also acknowledge the contributions of retiring Principals and Senior Education Officers from MOE HQ who have formerly served as Principals.

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