Singapore Schools Sports Council Colours Awards: Recognising Student-Athletes Despite Disrupted Year

Published Date: 13 October 2020 12:00 AM

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The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many activities, including the school sports scene, resulting in the National School Games (NSG) and other inter-school activities being suspended since early February. Nonetheless, our student-athletes have demonstrated courage and character in adapting to these changes.

2. While there were fewer competition opportunities for sports this year, it is important to continue encouraging our student-athletes by recognising those who have excelled in their individual sports. Thus, the Singapore Schools Sports Council (SSSC) Colours Awards, which recognise students' sporting achievements and display of good sporting character and values, will continue to be given this year, to around 300 qualifying students.

3. As the Awards are based on students' performance from September 2019 to August 20201, the winners this year were selected based on performance in sports competitions prior to the disruptions due to the pandemic – such as at the South-East Asian Games in the Philippines in November-December 2019. However, performance in the NSG, which had to be suspended in 2020, could not be used for consideration for the Awards. The criteria for the awards this year are listed in Annex A.

4. With this larger context in mind, this year's SSSC Colours Awards will be presented to:

  • 39 students for the SSSC Best Sportsboy Award and SSSC Best Sportsgirl Award;
  • 250 students for the SSSC Colours Award (Distinction); and
  • 20 students for the SSSC Colours Award.

5. The recipients of the SSSC Best Sportsboy and Best Sportsgirl Awards are listed in Annex B. Naturally, not every sport had awardees due to the various disruptions throughout the year. To avoid mass in-person gatherings, the awards will be presented to the recipients by their respective schools during suitable school-based ceremonies.

  1. The Awards each year looks at students’ performance from 1 September of the previous year to 31 August of the year of the award.
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