Stronger Together: National Day Commemoration by Students and Schools

Published Date: 03 August 2020 12:00 AM

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In view of the COVID-19 situation, schools are commemorating National Day (ND) in a special way this year, both in the lead up to and on the actual day itself.

2. In the past few months, our students have been involved in SYFgoesOnline! projects1 aligned to the National Day Parade (NDP) theme – 'Together, A Stronger Singapore'. These projects celebrate the resilience of our youth during these challenging times and are an avenue for them to showcase their talent and creativity through art, music, dance and drama. The projects include:

    a) SYFxNDP Stronger Together Video: Be The Light

    More than 200 secondary school students have formed a virtual choir to sing 'Be The Light' – an original song2 composed by four Lianhua Primary School students that seeks to uplift and encourage the community. The video recording of their rendition weaves in messages of hope and features student works submitted as part of the SYFgoesOnline! activities. It was launched on the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) website, as well as SYF and NDP's social media platforms, on 1 August.

    b) SYF Stronger Together Artwork

    An interactive digital canvas, this piece stitches together the artwork, photographs and videos of student performances taken during the Circuit Breaker period, as well as about 6,500 messages of hope from students. This digital canvas was also launched on 1 August on the SYF website, and its print version will be displayed at Kampung Admiralty Community Plaza and Our Tampines Hub from 9 – 31 August.

    c) SYFgoesOnline! Showcase

    Students whose SYFgoesOnline! works were featured in the month-long showcase on SYF's online platforms in July will be invited to include the hashtag #OurHeartforSG for their works to be incorporated in the NDP 2020 Our Heart For Singapore project3. For more information on students' participation in this project, please refer to the Annex.

3. In the week leading up to ND, students will engage in discussions during their Character and Citizenship Education lessons on how they can build a stronger Singapore, based on this year's NDP theme. All primary school students will receive a booklet consisting of activities and information on ND, that was specially designed in partnership with the Singapore Kindness Movement. All students will also be encouraged to share their reflections, gratitude, hopes and commitment through the NDP 2020 Our Heart for Singapore project.

4. Each year, on the eve of ND, schools celebrate the occasion through the ND Observance Ceremony. This year, on 7 August, the ND Observance Ceremony will take on a special significance as students reflect on how far Singapore has come in our fight against COVID-19. The ceremony will begin with flag raising and end with a 'Recollections' segment, where students will reflect on past and present challenges faced by our country and how each of us has a part to play in building a stronger Singapore. This will be followed by a celebrations segment where students will watch the SYFxNDP Stronger Together video, explore the SYF Stronger Together Artwork online, and appreciate the NDP 2020 theme song. They will also get a peek into the behind-the-scene footages of NDP 2020. Schools may also include class-based activities and programmes to celebrate ND.

5. On 9 August, student representatives from the nine uniformed groups4 will be featured in the morning parade segment held at the Padang, in a special video with the Singapore Armed Forces, Home Team and civilian organisations. In addition, selected student representatives from the nine uniformed groups will be part of the audience at the parade.

  1. SYFgoesOnline! is a virtual arts festival held from 24 April to 31 July. About 1,800 students participated in online activities that showcased their creativity and talent in art, music, dance and drama.

  2. The song was submitted under the Original Songs category as part of The Youth Station Project.

  3. The ‘Our Heart for Singapore’ project aims to connect the community as they share their reflections, encouragement, hopes and aspirations as Singapore overcomes the challenges brought about by COVID-19.

  4. The nine uniformed groups are – Girls’ Brigade Singapore, Girl Guides Singapore, National Cadet Corps, National Civil Defence Cadet Corps, National Police Cadet Corps, Red Cross Youth, St John Brigade, The Boys’ Brigade in Singapore and The Singapore Scout Association.

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