COVID-19 Cases: Four Students in Four Schools Linked to Household Infections

Published Date: 08 July 2020 12:00 AM

News Press Releases

1. Among the confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection announced by the Ministry of Health (MOH) today, four are students – one each from Bedok View Secondary School, East Spring Primary School, Jurong West Primary School and Jurong West Secondary School – and a fifth case is a teacher from Assumption Pathway School.

2. The four students are linked to household infections. They were already on Home Quarantine Order (HQO) due to MOH's ringfencing measures before they were later swabbed as close contacts of their household members. These students were well when they were last in school the previous week. Investigations are on-going for the teacher from Assumption Pathway School.

3. Beyond existing safe management measures, the affected schools have implemented additional precautions to ensure the safety of students and staff, minimise the risk of transmission, and prevent the development of school-based clusters. This includes the thorough cleaning and disinfection of school premises.

4. About 60 students and 10 staff each in Assumption Pathway School, East Spring Primary School, Jurong West Primary School and Jurong West Secondary School who were in contact with the confirmed cases, have been issued a 14-day Leave of Absence (LOA) by MOE or HQO by MOH. For Bedok View Secondary School, as the student was last in school on 30 June, MOH has assessed the risk of infection for students and staff to be low. Hence, no LOA or HQO has been issued.

5. Our schools have implemented comprehensive safe management measures to bring students back in a careful and safe manner since 2 June 2020. It is equally important that each of us exercises personal responsibility. We would like to remind all parents, staff and students that if a student or any adult household member is unwell, the student should not go to school.

6. We would also like to assure all parents and students that while we can expect to see such confirmed cases from time to time through a more extensive COVID-19 testing regime, we will continue to quickly isolate those who are at risk of infection through LOA and HQO. This will prevent transmissions and enable the rest of the school system to continue to function normally.

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