SYFgoesOnline! Celebrating the Resilience of Our Youth

Published Date: 24 April 2020 12:00 AM

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In light of the COVID-19 situation, this year's Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) will be held virtually to enable students to continue engaging in the arts even as they stay at home. Themed 'Celebrate the Resilience of Our Youth' and taking on the hashtag #SYFgoesOnline, the 2020 festival will provide students the platform to showcase their creativity and artistic talents through online activities and projects that involve art, dance, music and drama.

2. From 24 April to 31 July, students can participate in a series of online activities grouped under five strands: 'SYF Stays Home', 'Pixel Perfect', 'The Virtual Stage', 'The Youth Station Project' and 'Artist and Technology: The Online Art Exhibition'. Shortlisted student submissions and post-production videos of these activities will also be featured on SYF's social media pages.

Strand Description
SYF Stays Home SYF Stays Home provides six activities that students can enjoy from the comforts of their home, ranging from light-hearted games and filters on Instagram, to performing self-choreographed dances. See Annex A for more details.
Pixel Perfect Themed ‘Our Everyday’, Pixel Perfect encourages students to look for the extraordinary in the ordinary, by capturing a visual narrative of their personal experiences in their everyday life and putting together a photo journal of between three and five photos with accompanying descriptions.
The Virtual Stage The Virtual Stage consists of four performance-related projects that allow students to showcase their talents, individually or as a group e.g. through performing SYF set pieces, monologue performances, and participation in a virtual percussion ensemble. See Annex B for more details.
The Youth Station Project The Youth Station Project is a platform for students to express their creativity and imagination by showcasing their original songs. Students who submitted their song writing entries during the open call earlier this year will receive e-mentorship from industry professionals, who will provide feedback to help students improve on their songs and further develop their song writing skills. The top eight songs and 20 songs receiving Honourable Mentions will be made available on Soundcloud and SYF’s social media pages.
Artist & Technology: The Online Art Exhibition Artist & Technology: The Online Art Exhibition offers fringe activities where secondary and junior college students can co-create artworks through collaborations with art practitioners and other students, as well as gain insights into the role of a curator. See Annex C for more details.

3. Minister for Education, Mr Ong Ye Kung said: "This year's SYF epitomises the never-say-die spirit, innovation, and resilience we have seen during this challenging period. While COVID-19 may have altered the format of the SYF this year, it has not shaken the spirit of the festival – to uplift and inspire. I hope students will use their collective creativity and talent in the arts to continue to challenge, motivate, and encourage one another."

4. In the spirit of SYF, Minister Ong will make a special online appearance on his Facebook page today, 24 April, 6pm for the launch of SYFgoesOnline!.

5. For up-to-date information on SYFgoesOnline!, including the dates of the open calls and requirements for student submissions, please visit the SYF digital platforms listed below:

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