Record Number of Students Awarded Singapore-Industry Scholarship

Published Date: 26 July 2019 12:00 AM

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1. 138 students received the 2019 Singapore-Industry Scholarship (SgIS)1 this year, the highest number since the award was established in 2012. They were presented the scholarships at the SgIS award ceremony graced by Second Minister for Education, Ms Indranee Rajah on 26 July 2019.

2. Into its eighth year, SgIS has established itself as one of the choice scholarships in Singapore. There has also been an increase in the number of sponsoring organisations, from 28 in 2012 to 69 this year. The sponsoring organisations shared that the SgIS is an effective way to develop their pipeline of local talent to become future leaders in their organisation.

3. This year, seven new organisations are participating in the SgIS2. The 69 sponsoring organisations come from 16 key sectors, including biomedical and pharmaceuticals, electronics, engineering, lifestyle and food, and social services. Since inception, SgIS has awarded a total of 840 scholarships. 2019 also marks the first year that students from the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)3 will be receiving the SgIS.

4. SgIS is a multi-industry undergraduate scholarship which aims to groom future Singaporean industry leaders in strategic sectors that are critical for Singapore’s growth. As part of the SgIS Scholars’ Development and Engagement Programme, all SgIS scholars are exposed to various industry-relevant experiences and personal development opportunities to hone their leadership skills. These opportunities include:

  • Internships and mentorships conducted by sponsoring organisations to enable undergraduate scholars to gain a head start in acquiring industry knowledge;

  • Forums with thought leaders from the public and private sectors to expose the scholars to broader issues concerning Singapore and its key industries; and

  • Social activities for scholars to develop their soft skills and contribute back to the SgIS community and the wider society.

5. By end 2019, more than 400 SgIS scholars would have graduated. With the increased number of partners, more development opportunities are available for aspiring Singaporean students who seek to contribute to their chosen sponsoring organisation and industry, putting the SgIS in a good position to groom a sustainable pipeline of industry leaders who can lead Singapore in various strategic sectors for the long term.

  1. More information on SgIS can be found at
  2. The new sponsoring organisations are Advanced Micro Devices (Singapore) Pte Ltd, JUMBO Group of Restaurants Pte Ltd, Luxasia Pte Ltd, Mediacorp Pte Ltd, Neo Group Limited, PBA Group and Select Group Pte Ltd. The list of Sponsoring Organisations can found at
  3. The 6th local Autonomous University, SUSS, was one of SgIS’ partner institutions since 2018.
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