Nurturing Passionate Learners of Mother Tongue Languages and Literature

Published Date: 28 May 2019 12:00 AM

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As part of the Ministry of Education (MOE)’s continuous efforts to support students in pursuing their passions and interests, and to deepen students’ mastery of Mother Tongue Languages (MTLs) and Literature, MOE will enhance the Language Elective Programme (LEP) – currently available only at JC level – from 2020, as follows:

  1. Introduction of LEP at Secondary School Level
  2. Expansion of LEP at JC Level


2. To nurture a love for MTLs and Literature from young, MOE will introduce LEP at the Secondary level (LEP-Sec) for all three MTLs – Chinese (CLEP-Sec), Malay (MLEP-Sec) and Tamil (TLEP-Sec) – at selected secondary schools from 2020. Specifically, CLEP-Sec will be implemented in nine schools, while MLEP-Sec and TLEP-Sec will each be implemented in three schools. For the list of schools offering LEP-Sec, please refer to Annex A.

3. LEP-Sec will focus on building a strong foundation for students’ appreciation of language and culture through the study of MTL Literature at secondary level. Through this, we hope to nurture a base of students who can progress to either LEP-JC or MTL- related diplomas in Polytechnics.

4. Under this two-year programme, students will participate in a series of literary, enrichment and immersion activities, organised by both MOE and schools. This includes local camps, overseas immersion trips and school-based activities such as Meet-The- Author sessions and Literary Lectures.

5. All O-Level students enrolled in LEP-Sec must sit for O-Level Literature in their respective MTLs, while students from the Integrated Programme must study a school- based MTL Literature subject.


6. At the JC level, the current two-year LEP-JC programme in Malay Language (MLEP-JC) and Chinese Language (CLEP-JC) seeks to cultivate a deep interest in MTL and literature, through a variety of cultural activities such as local camps, immersion programmes, internships and talks on culture

7. To allow more students to benefit from the programme, MOE will be expanding MLEP-JC to National Junior College and Raffles Institution (JC) in 2020, in addition to the three existing schools offering MLEP.

8. MOE will also introduce a new Tamil Language Elective Programme (TLEP) in Anderson Serangoon Junior College and National Junior College to increase opportunities for Tamil Language (TL) students who are strong in TL to pursue their passion for and interest in the language. For the updated list of schools offering LEP- JC, please refer to Annex B.

9. All LEP-JC students must sit for H2 Language and Literature in their respective MTLs at the A-Level examination. Students can also choose to study H3 Language and Literature as a non-examinable subject, and subsequently choose to sit for the H3 A- level examination.

10. For background information about LEP, please refer to Annex C.

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