Guidelines for School-Home Partnership: Preparing Students for the Future

Published Date: 16 February 2019 12:00 AM

News Press Releases

1. The Ministry of Education (MOE) has released a set of guidelines on the development of positive school-home partnerships. The guidelines were officially announced by Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Education, Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal, on 16 February 2019, at a parent engagement event at Yu Neng Primary School.

2. MOE is making shifts in the education system to better support students to develop the joy of learning and prepare them to learn for life. Positive and meaningful school-home partnerships will help to ensure that our children get the most benefit from these changes. MOE has thus developed a set of Guidelines for School-Home Partnership, in consultation with schools and parents, to provide greater clarity on how schools and parents can work together.

3. The central feature of the guidelines is how schools and parents can work hand- in-hand so that our children develop self-management skills, take responsibility as well as ownership of their learning, and build resilience. This partnership is most effective when founded on mutual respect and trust.

4. In announcing the guidelines, SPS Faishal said: “Our children do best when schools and parents work hand-in-hand to support them. We hope these guidelines on school-home partnership will be a useful reference for both teachers and parents, to help our children have ownership over their learning, develop a sense of purpose and succeed in life.”

5. The guidelines will be shared with parents through their children’s schools. Schools will align their practices with the new guidelines and communicate them to parents progressively throughout the year.

Guidelines for School-Home Partnership: Preparing Students for the Future

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