10th Anniversary Celebration of Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme

Published Date: 24 January 2019 12:00 AM

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1. The Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme (CPES) - an initiative by the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL) - celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. More than 260,000 students have benefitted from the CPES, enjoying greater exposure to Chinese arts and theatre.

2. The CPES provides primary and secondary schools and tertiary institutions with funding and support to engage their students in Chinese dramas and Chinese-Language related performances by local and overseas arts groups. After students have attended the performances, their schools will design suitable programmes to cultivate the students’ interests in Chinese Language and Culture learning. Through CPES, local arts groups have also been motivated to continuously improve the quality of their performances.

3. More than 300 teachers from 253 schools attended the CPES Briefing and 10th Anniversary Celebration, held on 24th January 2019 at the Ministry of Education. Chairperson of CPCLL and Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Education, Ms Low Yen Ling, was the Guest-of-Honour.

4. At the event, teachers from Punggol Green Primary School shared how CPES has benefitted their students, while veteran theatre expert Su Junying offered her professional views on how the scheme can enhance students’ learning experience and deepen their appreciation of the arts. Sin Feng Xiang Sheng Society, an Arts Group that has been supporting CPES, was also invited for a special performance.

5. For more information on the CPES, please visit www.cpcll.sg.

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