Pre-School Chinese Language Storytelling Aids Competition

Published Date: 21 February 2018 12:00 AM

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For the first time, the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL) will be organising a competition to spur pre-school teachers to use creative teaching aids to teach Chinese Language. Called the Pre-school Chinese Language Storytelling Aids Competition, CPCLL would like teachers to submit proposals explaining how they use teaching aids to tell stories creatively and effectively to their pre-schoolers.

2. This competition follows a CPCLL course1 last February, where pre-school CL teachers learnt various methods to interact with young children through the use of teaching aids. Through the inaugural storytelling teaching aids competition, CPCLL hopes to enhance the professional development of pre-school CL teachers and inspire them to strengthen their skills and strategies in storytelling. This will, in turn, spark children’s interest in listening to and narrating stories.

3. Participants of the competition are required to write a proposal to share how they conduct storytelling using the teaching aids they have created. The proposals can be supplemented with photographs (maximum of five), so that the participants can better illustrate the storytelling process.

4. Participants may register individually or as a group (up to a maximum of three members). Competition entries can be submitted from 22 February to 30 April 2018. Shortlisted finalists will be required to demonstrate the use of their teaching aids through storytelling sessions. A total of six prizes (top three entries and three commendation prizes) will be awarded.

5. For more information on the Singapore Pre-school Chinese Language Storytelling Aids Competition, please visit

  1. The course was organised for infant care teachers, in-service educarers, pre-school principals, assistant educarers and curriculum specialists. Its aim was to develop the participants’ competencies in observing the language skills of children from birth to three years old, as well as in designing suitable learning environments, pedagogical strategies and teaching tools.
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