Names of Junior Colleges Merging in 2019

Published Date: 11 January 2018 12:00 AM

News Press Releases

1. The names of the Junior Colleges (JCs) to be merged in 2019 have been finalised. The merged JCs will adopt a combination of the full names of both colleges, with the name of the older JC coming first to reflect the history and heritage of the JCs (please refer to Annex A for the listing).

2. In arriving at the names, a group of factors were considered, including the schools’ history and heritage, stakeholders’ interests and the sentiments of all schools involved. MOE considered a range of approaches to suit the considerations of each pair of schools. JC Principals have also held engagement sessions with their College Advisory Committees (CACs), staff, and alumni associations on the merger of the JCs, including exploring different naming possibilities. MOE would like to thank all stakeholders for their inputs, understanding and continued support.

3. The merged JC will encompass the identities, strengths and cherished distinctiveness of both colleges. Each cohort of students will learn their heritage, and their JC’s journey will be formally documented and preserved at a heritage space in the merged JC’s building. MOE will also continue to work with both JCs to ensure a smooth transition for staff and students.

Appointment of Principal-Designates

4. MOE has also appointed Principal-Designates for the merged JCs. The Principal-Designates have been selected from the merging JCs, to provide better support and stability during the transition. They will begin their appointment as Principal-Designates from 11 January 2018 (please refer to Annex B for details).

5. Deputy Director-General of Education (Schools) Ms Liew Wei Li said, “We recognise that students’ school experiences are an integral part of our common identity and memories. As the 8 merging JCs form a substantial portion of our JC landscape, we believe that retaining the names of both colleges will allow the merging JCs to unite their strengths and move forward as a combined entity to forge a new journey together. The Principal-Designates will work closely with the teams from both JCs during the transition period, and I’m confident they will steer the merged JCs effectively through the transition stages and beyond”.

6. The merger of the 4 pairs of JCs were announced in April 2017. With the falling live births, JCs would need to be merged to ensure that each school has an adequate number of students for a meaningful educational experience.

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