Nurturing Future-Ready Learners - Empowering Students in Self-Directed Learning

Published Date: 16 August 2017 12:00 AM

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62 Schools to Pilot Student Learning Space

1. Teachers and students from 62 primary and secondary schools have embarked on a pilot for a new online learning portal, the Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS).

2. The SLS is a platform that will support Teaching and Learning in all our schools. In particular, it will help empower our students to drive their own learning according to their needs and interests. By spurring our students to take greater ownership of their learning and work collaboratively with their peers, the SLS aims to support them towards becoming responsible future-ready learners.

A Portal for Students and Teachers

3. Accessible anytime and anywhere, every student will have equal access to quality online learning resources through the SLS. This will allow them to learn at their own pace, revisit concepts, and read up on other areas of interest.

4. Learning is made more engaging through a variety of interactive resources such as videos, animations, simulations, games and quizzes. Authenticity is also enhanced, since many of these resources are developed in collaboration with industry and external partners to provide real-world context to concepts learnt in class.

5. With the SLS, resources for students will be customised by their teachers to allow for varied learning experiences. With resources aligned to the national curriculum, this will help teachers design learning experiences and environments that promote critical thinking and teamwork among students.

6. Through the SLS, teachers will find it easier to co-develop, adapt and share new pedagogies within and across schools. Students in turn will benefit from the wider range of learning resources, with the exchange of lesson ideas and strategies.

Portal to be rolled out in 2018

7. The basic functions of the SLS are now being piloted in 62 schools, with some of the learning resources and portal features made available for trial. MOE, in partnership with GovTech, will work with schools and teachers to gather feedback and develop the portal further to meet the students’ and teachers’ needs before it is rolled out to all schools.

8. The SLS will be rolled out to all schools in phases from 2018. Resources for major subjects across different grade levels will be made available to all primary and secondary schools, junior colleges and the centralised institute. More information can be found in the Annex.

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