Recognising Not Just Sporting Achievements But Character Too

Published Date: 18 September 2015 12:00 AM

News Press Releases

1. The Singapore Schools Sports Council (SSSC) Colours Awards are back again this year to recognise some 8111 students not just for their sporting achievements but for also displaying and upholding good sporting character and values.

2. Into its 45th year, the 2015 SSSC Colours Awards recognises:

  • 7667 students from 134 schools with the SSSC Colours Award,
  • 400 students from 66 schools with the SSSC Colours Award (Distinction),
  • 44 students from 17 schools with the SSSC Best Sportsboy Award and SSSC Best Sportsgirl Award

3. Recipients of the SSSC Best Sportsboy and Best Sportsgirl Awards will receive their awards at the 45th Singapore Schools Sports Council Colours Awards Presentation and National School Games Closing Ceremony today.

Revised Singapore Schools Sports Council Colours Award

4. The 8111 students received a total of 11,149 awards, with some receiving more than one award because of their strong sporting and character achievements in different sports events.

5. Under the revised scheme, the selection criteria and nomination process focusses on high level representation and sporting excellence in 28 sports and games under the SSSC, anchored on good character. The awards have also been expanded to systematically recognise our students who have achieved as para athletes. The criteria for the awards are in Annex A.

SSSC Best Sportsboy Award and Best Sportsgirl Award

6. The revised scheme acknowledges that there are inherent differences across various sports, with each sport having its own unique features, opportunities and developmental pathways. Hence, the ‘Best Sportsboy and Sportsgirl’ Awards for each of the 28 sports has been retained in the revised scheme. The Overall Best Sportsboy and Overall Best Sportsgirl awards have been removed. These award winners have attained exceptional sporting achievements and demonstrated exemplary conduct on and off the field of play. The list of Best Sportsboy and Best Sportsgirl awardees are listed in Annex B.

Closing of 2015 National School Games

7. The SSSC Colours Awards presentation also marks the closing of the 2015 National School Games (NSG), which has seen over 55,000 students (approximately 12% of the student population) involved in the pursuit of sporting excellence.

8. The 2015 NSG commenced on 9 January. Over 9 months, students participated in the 28 sports and games competitions organised under the auspices of the Singapore Schools Sports Council, and 21 sports under the Singapore Primary Schools Sports Council.

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