MOE’s SG50 “Building My SG” Set – Inspiring Students to Know Our Roots and to Build Our Desired Future Together

Published Date: 13 May 2015 12:00 AM

News Press Releases

1.To commemorate Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, students have been engaged in a series of learning experiences throughout the year to guide them in reflecting on our journey together, celebrating what makes us Singaporean, and inspiring action to contribute to Singapore’s future.

2.“Building My SG” is a set of building bricks that can be used by students in class to construct three iconic Singapore landmarks – Cavenagh Bridge, Changi Airport and Gardens by the Bay – each representing a distinctive aspect of Singapore. Through creative play, the building bricks open many meaningful and creative opportunities for students to learn about these landmarks and the significance of what they represent in the history and the continued progress of Singapore. More information on the three landmarks is in the Annex.

3.In their class activity as a lead-up to National Day, students will also use the building bricks to collaborate and imagine, design and build the Singapore of their future together. The metaphor of building something meaningful together represents collective ownership in building Singapore as one people.

4.All students and teachers in MOE Primary schools, Secondary schools, Special Education schools, Junior Colleges/Centralised Institute, ITE and Polytechnics will receive their building bricks set progressively by National Day. Primary-level home-schoolers and full-time Madrasah students can also look forward to receiving this SG50 gift too.

5.We hope that our students will share their creations with their families, treasure this keepsake and their creations in commemoration of SG50 – celebrating our past and working together towards our desired future as a nation.

6.The “Building My SG” set will be available for purchase after National Day 2015 by the distributor Duck Learning. More details will be announced by Duck Learning at a later date.

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