Infosheet on Levelling up Programmes in Schools

Published Date: 06 March 2015 12:00 AM

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1.Infosheet on Levelling up Programmes in Schools:

  • Learning Support Programmes (LSP)
  • Learning Support for Mathematics (LSM)
  • Stronger Support for English Language Literacy and Numeracy in Schools from primary to secondary schools

Learning Support Programme (LSP)

2.The LSP is a specialised early intervention programme aimed at providing learning support to students who enter Primary 1 with weak English language and literacy skills. Students are identified for LSP through a systematic screening process carried out at the beginning of Primary 1. The objective of the LSP is to equip Students with basic literacy skills so that they could access learning in the regular classroom.

3.The LSP is implemented by Learning Support Co-ordinators (LSCs) who are teachers. LSCs are given additional training by MOE HQ that equips them with specialised knowledge and skills to implement the programme. Students are supported daily for half an hour a day in groups of 8 to 10 Students. Support continues in Primary 2 for Students who need it.

4.The LSP was first introduced in 1992. It is now implemented in all primary schools.

Learning Support for Maths (LSM)

5.Learning Support for Mathematics (LSM) is an early intervention effort aimed at providing additional support to students who do not have foundational numeracy skills and knowledge to access the Primary 1 Maths curriculum. Students were identified for the intervention through a screening process carried out at the beginning of Primary 1. They were supported by a LSM Teacher for 4-8 periods a week.

6.LSM started as a pilot project in 45 schools in 2001. It is now implemented in all primary schools. Starting in 2006, all schools were provided with additional teacher posts, which are allocated according to the needs of each school. Training and teaching resources were provided for LSM teachers in supporting their LSM Students. LSM has also been extended to P2 from this year.

Stronger Support for English Language Literacy in Schools

7.In addition to LSP, MOE announced in 2013 that it will roll out additional learning programmes to all the primary and secondary schools to provide stronger support for English language literacy in schools. Students who have fallen behind will be supported not just up to Primary 2 in LSP, but all the way till the end of their secondary school education. These programmes together with the LSP for Primary 1 and 2 pupils with limited literacy will help all our students level up.

Stronger Support for Numeracy in Schools

8.MOE also announced in 2013 that it was developing additional resources and stepping up the training of primary and secondary teachers to equip them with the teaching strategies to help students acquire numeracy skills. These teaching strategies could be used in class or in small group instruction, both within and outside curriculum hours. They allow students to learn at their own pace and strengthen their numeracy skills.

9.Over the last two years, MOE has rolled out these resources and training to primary and secondary schools. Students who lack the necessary numeracy skills are given support at all levels in the primary and secondary schools. This goes beyond the current Learning Support Programme for Mathematics which is extended only to Primary 1 and 2 students, to providing stronger support to lower progress learners all the way to S4.

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