Successful 6th ASEAN Schools Games Come to a Close in Manila

Published Date: 06 December 2014 12:00 AM

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1.After five days of competitions (1 - 5 Dec), the 6th ASEAN Schools Games (6th ASG) came to a successful close on 5 Dec, as 700 student-athletes and officials gathered for a Closing Ceremony held at the Marikina Sports Center, Manila, Philippines. The Singapore Schools contingent won a total of 39 medals - 10 Gold, 10 Silver, and 19 Bronze. Please refer to Annex A for breakdown of the medals won for each event.

2.At the Closing Ceremony, Hon. Federico Romero “Miro” S. Quimbo, Representative of 2nd District, Marikina City, said, “Over the years, the ASG has been a great platform in bringing together student-athletes from various countries in Southeast Asia. It is an honour for Philippines to host the ASG, which is not only an avenue for sports but also for friendship between the Southeast Asian nations.”

3.During the games, Singapore’s ambassador to the Philippines, Mr V.P. Hirubalan, visited the student-athletes to commend them for their participation and to affirm the importance of the ASG for regional integration. He said, “This event is a very good opportunity for our students to get to know their counterparts from other ASEAN countries. For Singapore, it is also a chance to fly our flag high, and by looking at the students’ faces here, they are really enjoying the event and are proud to represent Singapore.”

4.Chef-de-Mission for the Singapore Schools contingent, Mrs Judina Cheong, said, “I am proud of our student athletes who have played their games well, achieved their personal best and displayed good sportsmanship. I appreciate our Officials and Coaches who have carried out their duties with dedication. They encouraged and looked after our athletes well. I am also grateful to our Singaporean parents who have come to support their children in their games.”

5.The student-athletes from the Singapore Schools contingent are from a total of 48 secondary schools and junior colleges. Selected based on their overall performance at the National School Games and other local and regional sports competitions, the budding young athletes were grateful for the chance to represent Singapore at the ASEAN level. Gold Medallist Lee Chyi Fang from the Wushu team is glad that Wushu was included in the ASG this year, as it provided her a platform to take part in a regional competition. She said, “It is an exciting experience for the Wushu team as our opponents are strong, but we stayed focused and did our best at the competitions. We also get to make friends with like-minded individuals in other ASEAN countries who share our same passion in Wushu.”

6.The ASG also allows the students to learn more about ASEAN, and experience how sports have brought ASEAN nations together. The competitions provided opportunities for students from different countries to interact and make friends, while learning about their cultures. At the Marikina Sports Complex, students also took part in an exhibition to learn about the sports icons of the various ASEAN countries. Deputy Chef-de-Mission for the Singapore Schools contingent, Mr Mohamed Razali B Abdul Hamed said, “The ASG was conceptualised to not only promote youth sports development, but also enhance the ideals and spirit of ASEAN cooperation and solidarity. Hence, in every edition of the ASG, the cultural exchange programme plays a key role in enabling the participants to experience the culture, history and dynamism of the host country and its people.”

7.Mr Chan Thiam Huat, a parent who travelled to Manila to support his child, Prudence Chan from the Gymnastics team, noted the good exposure provided by the ASG. He said, “The ASG is Prudence’s first overseas competition. The experience will stand her in good stead for future overseas sports meets.”

8.Teacher-Coach from Sepak Takraw team, Mr Abdul Mutalib B Ab Rahaman, noted the high level of competition at the ASG, and commended the good showing by the team. He said, “I am very happy to see the boys putting what they have learned during our trainings into action at the Games. The team picked up valuable learning points in the process. I am confident that they will put up an even better performance for the 2015 games in Brunei.”

9.Student athlete James Leow from the Golf team has honed his leadership skills as the Captain of the team. James said, “Playing on a different course pushed us out of our comfort zone and we learnt the need to adapt quickly to play the game well. Through the competitions, I also get to meet players from other countries and pick up new strategies. As the team captain, I learnt the importance of encouraging our teammates not to give up, and to fight hard for every stroke.”

10.For more details, please visit the official ASG website.

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